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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tammuz 23

ani na nach nachma nachman m'uman

meaning i am rabbeinu,
who is the essence of the soul of moses
and rabbeinu has descended to me
because of my service in the torah
because moses is the torah*
and so when i follow the torah, i am moses
and then i radiate the light of rabbeinu
and this is
na nach nachma nachman m'uman
and this is the secret
that it is filled and heaped up from line to line
this is the secret of the angel
the angel of rosh hashana
for in the rosh
we return to the root
the root of time
where we are all united
as resheit -- first
which is true wisdom
the three lines
beginning, middle and end
top, middle, bottom,
right, left, center
hashem, the torah/tzaddik-soul, man
na nach nachma nachman
and the sign is
on the 17th of the Tammuz
they will say that you are not fasting
the angels will say this
because you have connected all the lines
beginning, middle and end
you are the tzaddik
the original tablets
have been received
for why were they broken?
what was the sin?
the people thought that moses was dead
they thought who will lead us?
they did not see
that moses cannot die
he is the torah
he is the eternal tzaddik-soul
but they forsook the soul
and went after the body and its desires
the calf, the golden calf
but now through the torah of rabbeinu
the torah of the true tzaddik
the tablets are whole again --
the complete tikkun (tikkun ha klali).

dedicated to my friend and inspiration in na nach simcha p.

*The Holy Ari teaches us that Moshe and Torah are one above before they descend into this world, for the letters of Moshe in shemayim with the nun (50 gates of binah-wisdom) spell neshama. Moshe is the neshama of wisdom, the neshama klali of Israel. For more info

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