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Friday, July 31, 2009

song of freedom

G-d help me be free, help me battle this insanity
don't let me lose faith in my people and in humanity
i'm looking at this state we're in, it leaves a bitter taste
but time is too precious to let any of it go to waste
i'm calling to my Father in Heaven, break off these shells
my heart is pounding in me forcing to me to shout and yell
too many broken lives, full of confusion and broken faith
help me hold up my heart till these sins are all erased
these are volatile times and i just cannot feel at ease
my people still in exile sick with spiritual disease
chasing after lusts and the desires of the heart
with the world against us trying to tear any hope apart
i'm looking for salvation, yea, i'm searching for the truth
so sick of how they appease us and how they brainwash the youth
these final years i hope will soon be coming to their end
everyone is lost and confused, cant tell who's enemies or friends
But we have this light of lights, this new wonder that's been revealed
the new path that's the old path which for too long was concealed
the truth about our purpose and our meaning on this earth
and now it's time for our nation to experience rebirth
i won't let you sit in darkness, like i did for way too long
i'm calling out with my voice that the light is in a song
single doubled and tripled, quadrupled to spell the name
gonna sing and scream this song till all you people do the same
tired of money, lusts and greed dragging us down into the ground
i'm tired of all these useless false leaders and i'm tired of their sound
not gonna listen anymore to the lies that they relate
with their words they bring forth vomit, with their lies they constipate
But i woke up out of darkness with my G-d a light for me
theres truth and meaning in these scriptures, in their pages i am free
attach myself to the true leader who can lead this nation home
no easy task, we're full of bruises, cuts and scrapes and broken bones
but he's inside working to free us from the shackles of our minds
that have led us to confusion and made us deaf dumb and blind
working and starving all for foolishness, for vanity and shame
and who thought that our salvation would be contained within a name
well now it's time, i'm breaking out, this song i'm gonna scream and shout
i'm gonna keep screaming it louder till you know what it's about
the light is here, redemption's near, coming forward with the new song
the hope and strength of our nation, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman


NaaNaach said...


Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

The villager said...

To see the good in every being, to collect all these points and form a bouquet, whose prayers he will not reject!