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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shimon Matisyahu 87

On the 87th anniversay of the petek, the real PAZ came out finally- Saba called the petek the Moshiah- and called him a book. I say that the only loot in Egypt was Josef Ha Tzaddikk and he is PAZ and he is like Moshiah and therefore ...this year, the Petek took on special powers- it is now officially recognized world over as REAL GOLD (like the Tzaddikk). The first believers in the Petek whom Saba calls unique tzaddikkim of the generation figure on the largest Israeli Banknotes. The GOLD that powers the whole machinery is the Sefer Ha Ganuz which people (and the Zohar) also call the Petek. That does not diminish the nature of the book that defies and is above nature, (in every aspect), known as EBAY HA NACHAL!


Anonymous said...

Sefer HaGanuz of Rabbeinu?

The villager said...

nano nano remember Mork from ork?

Na Nach, as in yes, check out for yourself if the Petek wouldn't happen to be the "sefer ha ganouz" itself and why not etc... you will be very suprised!

shimonmatisyahu said...

Thanx, friend. Guess I can now wear a tee-shirt with the number 87 on it. Or better yet - in YOUR honor, Bli Neder, I would like to translate Letter #87 of the Sefer Ebay HaNachal in the near future - both parts.