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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remez of Saba's Petek in the Zohar!

Yes, my friends. A couple of months ago, I mentioned that just as there are exactly 148 days from 18 Iyar - Lag Baomer - Yahrzeit of RASHBI through 18 Tishrei - Yahrzeit of Rabbeinu, there are exactly 148 Dafim (in the original printing, today's texts varies) in the Tikunei Zohar (and 148 is the Gematria of Rabbeinu's name Nachman). Well, Boruch Hashem, I have been pretty successful in learning the "daily Daf" of Tikunei Zohar. Without learning the daily portion of 23 Tamuz yet, I was curious to see if there would be any sort of Remez to the Petek that occured on this date.

I'm not going to go through a translation of a whole paragraph now - but knowing Hebrew/Aramaic will help see what this Remez to the Petek is. In Tikunei Zohar - Tikun 22 (Daf 65), there is not one paragraph - but TWO paragraphs - that start with "Rabbi Shimon (my name, I like that) rose and said "Sava, Sava (Saba, Saba)"! In fact, the only other time (3rd time) that this very phrase is mentioned - "Rabbi Shimon (RASHBI) rose and said Sava Sava" is near the end of this same part of the Zohar of Tikunei Zohar - thus two of the three times of this phrase is on the same Daf as corresponding to 23 Tamuz, the date of Saba finding the Petek!

But wait, there is more! In the second of these two paragraphs, it mentions in its midst the word Pitka - the Aramaic word for Petek! I invite the readers here for a close reading of the Zohar. For those who can learn in Hebrew, you can refer to the Matok M'Devash or the Sulam commentaries for an explanation of what is being discussed in the Zohar here - but to me - there is no doubt that this is nothing short of Hashgacha Peratis - Divine Providence!

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