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Monday, July 27, 2009

real "smicha" according to me

As the Baal Daavar goes to great lengths to confuse, demoralize, depress us and so on, I want to bring forward a sweet chidduch.

The Zohar states that the parts (phalanges) of the fingers are worth 5 each 14 x 5 = 70. This is related to reading a mans' life in his hand- every day of his life- King David lived 70 years!

When you ordain a rabbi, we call this "Smicha" and it is done with the hand - notice the similarity between Smicha and Simcha. Simcha or happiness the only mitsvah called BIG is required 70! like King David! like ALL THE DAYS of the YEARS of A KINGS' LIFE.

Fellow NA NACHs and guests; a jew and especially a rabbi or chassid, is OBLIGATED to be TAMID (ALWAYSE) happy. Even and especially on 9th of AV! Which is why the Halacha (law) clearly states to "diminish" the happiness and NOT to eliminate it on 9 be AV.

I think it's right to learn something from the non-jews on this occasion- you heard about Holloween? The idea is to teach kids NOT to be scared of creepy stuff, but to make the best of it.

So put on your 9 be AV faces, go out there and be great jews and spread the light! Don't forget acts of brotherly love, avoid hurting each other and maybe history will finally stop repeating itself- but if it does, BE a chassid and a rabbi, what do you have to lose?

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