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Thursday, July 16, 2009

nanach world

nanach! i received yesterday an email from a guy from argentina, very interesting in nanach
he is doing some research ( i dont know exactly the details)
he told me , he saw some nanach videos on youtube and found a friend asking him about nanach and he connected him with

he wrote me these questions for me (us)

Hi Uzi!
i have written some questions (pretty silly sometimes), and hoping to get some good anwers.
I just think you are great guys.

What is nanach?
Do you consider your self ultraortodox ?
What about the song that will revealed before the coming of the Messiah?
Why Trance?
Electronic music is yet very relationated with drugs and night. What is nanachs relation with ecstasy, cocaine, etc?
Do you find jewish life away from spirituality and joy?


his email is

have a nanach day

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