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Friday, July 17, 2009

moshiach oi! - torah hardcore punk

Moshiach Oi! is a Torah-Hardcore-Punk band led by Yishai NaNach, who put out the first Na Nach punk song, "This World is Nothing".

The Moshiach Oi! debut album, "Better Get Ready", is coming out august 25, and Yishai invites all Na Nach's to come to the record release show which will be in NYC on that date (see flyer above.)

Moshiach Oi! is a New York Hardcore band with a full-throated passion for both Torah and Punk Rock. Educated in Jewish day schools, band founder Yishai Romanoff as a teenager gravitated to the Punk Rock scene, where he found an outlet for his manic energy and passionate beliefs. In 2008, after rediscovering his Jewish roots, Yishai began writing hardcore-punk songs with subject matter like learning Torah, bringing Moshiach and praising Hashem. Originally, Yishai was the only member of Moshiach Oi!
"Oi!" = the Punk Rock sound of the British working class
"Oy!" = the eternal sound of the Jewish working class
Moshiach Oi! = the new sound of Jewish Hardcore Torah Punk Rock
Within a couple of months Yishai had recruited members from his friends' bands Blanket Statemenstein and the Mr. Shabbos Show. With Mitch 2012 on bass, Pesach Simcha on drums, and Don Bonus on guitar, Moshiach Oi! was now prepared to take over the world and bring Moshiach by screaming "Oi!"
Moshiach Oi! played its first shows in late 2008-early 2009 at different venues around NYC, including one show with a band called The AIDS who screamed on stage that believing in G-d is stupid chv"s (before Moshiach Oi! took the stage). Around this time, Moshiach Oi! entered the recording studio to start work on its debut album, with Don Bonus as producer and engineer.
In February 2009, after finishing recording his parts for the album, Yishai decided to ascend to the Holy Land of Israel to learn in yeshiva. Before his departure, Moshiach Oi! played a farewell show at the Millinery Centre Synagogue in mid-town Manhattan (home of Chulent Thursdays).
While in Israel, Yishai learned in yeshiva, dropped out of yeshiva, went Na Nach, and continued making Torah-Hardcore-Punk.
In August 2009, Yishai plans to return to Amerika upon the release of the Moshiach Oi! debut album, "Better Get Ready". The original line up remains intact and is ready resume its mission -- taking over the world, and bringing Moshiach now, by screaming "Oi!"

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