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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

letter from a nanach friend

hi nanach brothers!
i received this msg from a facebook's friend
may be some of you have more info than me

Hi my name is Georgette and I am 17 years old, I am converting to Orthodox Judaism by myself, I have been studying Chassidus and I love it! I actually wanted to be Jewish since I was a kid! (long story)
I enrolled myself to a Lubavitch school and I graduated B"H. A couple of months ago I found myslef intrested in Rebbe Nachmans teachings and yes the Rabi Nachman song, I would love to learn more about Breslov, nanach and his Sichos. Is there any other places I can go to find out about these things. When I convert I want to feel comfortable in a Chassidic dynasty so my kids will grow up to be G_D fearing Yidden who will serve Hashem IY"H. I really love Breslov, I really do, I feel at peace. The Mitzvah of bring joyful and happy means alot to me. I'm going to an all women's jewish college down in nyc in fall 2009, is there any nanach centers down there? Thank you!
Na Nach Nachman Me'Uman!!!


Anonymous said...
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nissim said...

maybe there are nanach or nanach-friendly folk at carlebach shul?

nanach oi! said...

i will be in new york in a few days and will have na nach books and stickers for sale.
tell her she can contact me from my band website

na nach