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Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the Simcha continues...

It is very beautiful that there was much Hafatza activity last night, but do bear in mind that Saba's main time of celebration was the night after. He discovered the Petek near the end of the day on 23 Tamuz, upon which he started dancing out of sheer joy which lasted the entire night of 24 Tamuz, which is tonight (I wonder when he davened Ma'ariv that evening).

Having mentioned before about the 22 days of Bein HaMetzarim from 17 Tamuz through Tisha B'Av as connected to the 22 Alef Beis as divided into two parts on each day - the daytime of 23 Tamuz corresponds to Noon. Thus, the nighttime of 24 Tamuz when Saba danced all night corresponds to Samech. It's interesting to note that Saba mentioned that when he was dancing, everyone around surrounded him, and he was dancing in the middle. The dancing around making a full circle represents the letter Samech.

Well, lo and behold - Noon & Samech when spelled together is NES - Miracle, as in Nes HaPetek! This word is also a terminology of something being lifted up or held high. Yes, Saba's spirits were up most high to say the least.

Another point to be made about the two letters is that they are the 14th & 15th letters of the 22 Alef Beis, respectively. As we know, Dovid Hamelech is the 14th generation from Avrohom Avinu (and Dovid is the Gematria of 14), making his son Shlomo HaMelech the 15th generation.
Now, in terms of the Shir HaGeula in the Petek, one of the requirements of Moshiach is that he is supposed to be a descendant of Dovid HaMelech. The Rambam mentions that he also has to be a descendant of Shlomo HaMelech. Thus, letter Noon - which is the Gematria of 50 - corresponds to Dovid HaMelech who was born & Niftar on Shavuos - "the 50th day" (from the Omer). And the letter Samech is in the shape of a complete circle, and Shlomo HaMelech's name is similar to the word Shleima, which mean completion. And as it is the Gematria of 60 - he had 60 strong men surround his bed (Shir Hashirim 3:8), which can have a meaning in a spiritual and/or literal sense.

As Saba's happiness & dancing began while yet still in the day which corresponds to the letter Noon and thus with Dovid HaMelech, we see this concept of happiness & dancing as it relates to Dovid HaMelech with the Aron HaKodesh being brought to Yerushalayim - also known as Ir Dovid - to be housed by the future Beis HaMikdash which was to be built by his son Shlomo. The Torah spares no expense of words to describe Dovid's great fervor with his dancing. However, there was someone who had a problem with this - his wife Michal - who berated him later for "lowering" himself to be dancing in such a way like a lowly person as it wasn't "befitting" the king. While we don't see Chazal criticizing Dovid for telling off his wife for her comments, Chazal makes it clear to us that as a result of Michal's criticism of Dovid's dancing in honor of the Torah, Hashem punished her with not being able to have future children until the day she died. (See the Haftara for Parshas Shemini).

So, let the Simcha and dancing continue...

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