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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5682th Pasuk of the Torah

The Nes of the Petek happened in the year 5682. If we count the Pesukim of the Torah, we see that corresponding to the last 11 years of Rabbeinu's life, 5561-5571, the prime years of his teachings which included most importantly Likutei Moharan, are the first 11 Pesukim of Parshas Ki Savo, the 50th Parsha of the Torah (Noon=50) which are the 5561st thru the 5571th Pesukim, making up the 1st Aliyah of this Parsha. So what is the count of the LAST Pasuk of this Parsha of 122 Pesukim? The 5682th Posuk, corresponding to the year 5682, the year that Saba discovered the Petek, consisting of 11 lines!

The phrase Chag HaPetek is the Gematria of Sefer Devarim (596). Parshas Ki Savo is the 7th of the 11 Parshiyos of Sefer Devarim, and it is the very last Posuk of this Parsha that hints to the year of the Petek. Accordingly, Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is the 7th of the 11 lines of the Petek! Along these words, Yerushalayim is also the same Gematria as Sefer Devarim & Chag HaPetek, and for seven Shabbosim during the time that we read from Sefer Devarim, we read 7 special Haftoras that are refered to Shiva D'Nechamasa - the 7 Haftoras of comfort/Nechama related to the name Nachman, as in the context of our return to Eretz Yisroel, Yerushalayim & the Beis HaMikdash, beginning with Shabbos Nachamu.

Following this, in the year 5744, when Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ZTVK"L gave his Haskama on the Petek discovered by Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber Odesser, which includes the Shir HaGeula, thus preventing Misnagdim from ruining Saba's Hafatza, corresponds with the 5744th Pasuk - "Moshe wrote this song on that day, and he taught it to the children of Yisroel". (Devarim 31:22). Yes, the followers of Saba are indeed the spiritual children of Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber Odesser!

There is even a Remez to the exact date of the Haskama - HaShira HAZOS Bayom Hahu - the Roshei Tavos of the word HAZOS "on that day". I will write this out in Hebrew to make it easy to understand (the Roshei Taivos happen to be in a different order but are the same letters):
הזאת ר"ת: תאריך - ז אייר התשד"מ Date - 7 Iyar 5744.

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