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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello pee-pall...
B'H, nanach, :) ...
Hashem dropped in my head the niggun to the the classic beatles song "hey jude".
if u change the title to "hey jew" and change some of the lyrics - its a gevalt nanach song!!
especially the na, na part at the end - is now a gevalt na nach chorus!
"hey jew, dont be arfaid, just sing the petek and u'll get better..."
"remeber, to-let rabeinu into ur heart, then u can sta-art to make things better"
"hey jew, be b'simcha, dont fa-all, from anything in the wor-rld"
"remember Hashem loves u, no matter what uve been thru, He can make it better"
Better, better, better, better, better, better, yaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.....
Jew, jew, j-jew, etc....
[repeat, NAAA NAAACH part]
gevalt!!! hope it gives u simcha everyone!

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nothinbut100% said...

"beatles nanach,,,a remix of a classic" should of been the title of the post and not a link at the bottom, cuz there are no links to it.
sorry, nnnnm!