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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yom Ha Zikkaron (4th of YAR) is this the same name as Yom Ha Zikkaron which is what the Torah calls Rosh Hashana. If so, how strange that Yom Ha Atzmaout (which sounds alot like Yom Ha Atzoumotes) falls on 5 of Yar, the day Rabbenu's house burnt and he went to live in UMAN! The importance of the bones of Josef was obvious to Moshe (and to Josef) without these bones, by which zechus could we have crossed the sea?
As an additional note letter Tzadik alef in Ebay Ha Nachal was written on 6 of Yar and it is followed by two or three from 7 of Yar and after that nothing until YOM KIPPOUR!

So, my brothers, I suggest you ponder these facts and draw some serious conclusions. The world will indeed change when Rabbi Nachman comes to Israel. If you want things to stay just the way they are, then I'll miss you alot when Saba and I will be going through Rabbenu's tresure chest together!


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letter 95 that's tzaddik Na Nach nachma nachman - oops my mistake