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Thursday, April 2, 2009

new insight into the golden calf issue

Obviously the Golden Calf and it's tikkun have alot to do with the galus and Na Nach---

Do you realize the Golden Calf was not really a sin? According to Rashi the Satan went to extream efforts to confuse us on the 16th of Tamuz--- SO THAT MEANS WE CAN PLEAD

But G-d is right because we ALREADY had sinned before leaving Egypt. If we had done TCHOUVA the Bal Davar would not have been able to confuse us.


Well,as you know, Moses had to go at it alone to find Josef because everyone was so busy trying to make a parnassa.

Josef even dragged his feet not to come out, think about that!

And think about what would have happened to all of us if Moshe rabbenu haddn't convinced him to come along with us. (THE END)

Did anybody realize that they owed at least a double thanks to Moshe for the splitting of the sea, because it was ONLY thanks to him that Josef had "hitched" a ride.

I beg you to help me collect signatures for the petition the Israeli Government needs to demand the repatriation of Rabbi Nachman to his nation.

Rabbi Nachman wished tocome to Jerusalem in his lifetime, but was turned back on suspicion that he was a French Spy- he kept on saying"but I don'teven speak French". Mabe the Turks knew something we don't.

Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem can save us from the "flood of heresy"

All of you who are upset that I am not selling books for the keren, please recruit NEW people who want to LEARN from you. I am a graduate and mabe I really know what I am doing better then you think.


rabbinachman said...

I think we should make a whole city for rabenu in Israel, like some where in the south and maybe not in Ertez Yisroel proper so the stick will still be in the mouth of the Satan and we could call it Uman - Uman, Israel.

Shlomo said...