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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

monsey hafatza

Thank God for the past 2 days there was heavy hafatza done in monsey. On sunday we were a group of five guys with 4 cars. We started off at Shoppers Haven in the heart of monsey for about 2 hours,talking to people, giving out sticker, dancing...Then we went to Wesley Kosher which is another supermarket in monsey where we did more Hafatza for an hour. It was really nice people gave us money for sefarim...After that we went to a nice park called Willow tree park where we did more one on one talking which really was very pleasant B"H.
On monday we were zocheh to more light B"H. The 5 of us plus Yosef Aryeh and Tzvi plus another 5 people all went for a pinic at Bear Mountains park. the sound system wasnt working for the first hour in a half but Tzvi Levin put all his co-ach and we had great music with many dancers. Then after that we went to a Noah Salomon gig which we got in basically for free which was cool. Now Noahs wife saw the Saba and the Petek in L.A. in 1986 which was great to hear.After chilling with Noah the party shifted to Yosef Hammers house where his wonderful mother cooked food for 15+ mafitzim who had a great day.We ate drank sang danced and learnt Tohra 282 till 2 am. Thank God we had the merit to be part of the holy Tzaddik and spread happiness and love to bring people back to Hashem.NaNach


rabbinatan said...

ashrechem!!!!!! she sachitem leiktarev le rabeinu!!

Na Nach!!

Shifra said...

thank you happy paysach