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Wednesday, April 29, 2009



With G*d's Help
6 Iyar 5727

In honor of the President of Israel, my heart and my flesh, Mr. Z. Shazar, who digs and burrows to reveal the living waters that give life to dead bodies like us today, in these generations, in which we have fallen in the most utter descent. And tin the future they will be revealed in perfection by the King Messiah, who through the great force of his awesome righteousness and wisdom will reveal and inform to the whole world the secret of the awesome teachings of the True Tzaddik. And through him the world will be rectified.

Blessing and life and peace.

It is upon us to be happy and to rejoice, to sing, to jubilate and to make melody, to thank and to praise and to acclaim the Master of the Universe on Israel Independence Day [Yom Ha'atzma'ut], the day of miracles and great and awesome wonders that Hashem has done with us. Let us rejoice and be happy on it, in each and every year and on every day and at every moment, and for the miracles and for the salvations and for the awesome might that He does with us in the eyes
of all the nations, from the time that we have merited with the salvation of Hashem to conquer our portion and our inheritance from the hands of the wild robbers. And even more that what your exalted honor feels and knows and sees at all times, revealed miracles above the boundary of nature. But at this time now they still are
covered and clothed in the way of nature. The Merciful One will finish our Redemption, the Complete Redemption, and will return to us the Holy Temple, the Temple of our life, the Temple of our glory, speedily in our days, Amen. And all the gentiles will wonder and will say: Hashem has made mighty to do for the Jews, the Holy People, the chosen People in the Chosen Land.

My love and my heart and my soul are very very faithful to you, and my eyes are dripping tears in my prayer and my entreaty before Hashem that He give you success in this path that you are going on, in each and every country, and in each and every place that you go and tread your foot there. May Hashem give you grace and a good mind in the eyes of the peoples and the ministers, for the benefit of our People and our Land. That only this is your whole essential purpose and desire and your intention in your travelling and your going and your journeying and your hard work. May Hashem guard your going out and your coming in for life and for joy and for peace, forever.

When you leave on your journey, do not forget to take with you the treasure and the good gift, that Hashem has given to you with His great mercy. This is the small old book, Kitzur Likutay Moreinu Harav Rebbe Nachman [Kitzur Likutay Mohoran] from the year 5595, as is your good and perpetual custom. It certainly will protect you on the way and will draw down and shine upon you the light of holiness of Faith in the uniqueness and unity of the Blessed One and in His personal Divine Providence, that all this is included in each and every word that is written there. Happy are we, happy is our pleasant portion, that we have merited to know a little of the greatnes of the True Tzaddik. He will comfort us from the sadness of our deeds.He is our vitality, he is our consolation and our hope. Happy are we, happy are we thousands of times for every word that we merit to receive from him.

Your beloved friend and faithful servant, who serves you always with all my heart and soul, and who awaits and yearns for the time when I shall merit to see you always full of happpiness and to give you good and eternal gifts that are stored away in the treasure-house of the Flowing Spring.

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