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Monday, April 6, 2009

Matza Tazil Mimves

I had gone to pick up Matzos for Pesach and my wife for some reason decided to put a piece of apple into the baby's mouth. The baby seeing something in his mouth immediately grabbed it and swallowed a piece. Since he had never eaten food in his life, and also due to the size of the piece of apple, the baby started choking, his face turned red and he could not breath. Suddenly for no expected reason he started vomiting and threw up a lot including the apple.

At that same moment (I made the calculation later on) I was at the distribution center picking up Matzot. Although it sounds kind of ridiculous, it is actually very hard to get hand made Shemurah Matzos in Tzfat. Residents of Tzfat sign up on lists and order the Matzot around Purim time. If you are not on the order list, it becomes very very hard to get hand Shmurah Matzot. I had missed the sign up and considered it somewhat of a miracle that I managed to get on to the list of left over Matzot that I had now gone to pick up.

As I was about to leave with my Matzot I noticed one of the Israeli Na Nach Chavarim walk in and ask the person in charge of the distribution if he could buy Matzot. The guy asked him if he was on the list for the second round. When he received a negative reply, he almost laughed and wished him good luck at getting hand Shmurah Matzot in Tzfat 2 days before Pesach.

When I saw this happening I immediately handed him some of my Matzot and told him to take some for free. At that moment the baby spit out the apple.

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