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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Daled

As per the booklet Ner L'Tzadik compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover consisting of teachings of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of the Alef Beis; since the the seven weeks of the Sefirah correspond to the seven days of the week that are represented kabbalistically by the letters Beis, Gimmel, Daled, Kof, Pei, Reish, Tov; accordingly, here is a translation of such learning beginning with with Daled for the third week of the Sefira.


Dah - Know that it's possible for one to be sitting near his friend in one place in Gan Eden; and while one could be enjoying all the pleasures, delights, and all the 310 worlds (this last one is mentioned in the last Mishna of the Mishnayos), the other one won't feel anything and will have absolutely no pleasure.

How could this be? "The heavens for height, the earth for depth, but the heart of kings cannot be fathomed" (Mishlei 25:3). As our Rabbis of blessed memory put it (Shabbos 11): If all the seas were black ink, and the marshes were quills, etc., they would not suffice to record the depth of the mind of the government, as it says, "The heavens for height" etc..

We see from here that the heart of kings are much bigger than the height of heavens and the depth of earth. The difference is that while the heavens and earth take up only so much space of so many thousands of thousands of parsangs, the heart and mind while very small where they take occupation and grasp everything, to the extent of setting heart to each and every country, while grasping and imagining a picture in one's heart over each and every country and the designs of heaven and so much more than this, for "the heart of kings cannot be fathomed".

Look, comprehend, and be wise about the greatness of the Creator, how the few contains the many, for a piece of a small heart like this and a small mind like this can grasp in its place many great things such as these, and this is only possible because there G-dliness is found, for the main G-dliness is in the heart, as explained elsewhere.

Now, comprehend and be wise: If in the heart where only there can the aspects of G-dliness be found, which is not, so to speak, even one part of thousands of thousands of the Providence of the Creator Blessed is He; how great is its (the heart's) worth that in its small place is it able to grasp countless worlds. Even about non-Jews is it said "the heart of kings cannot be fathomed", for he sets heart on each and every country, and grasps and measures in his knowledge all the countries that he is in control of with everyone who lives there and everything that can be found there. With this in mind, imagine certainly thousands upon thousands more times so is measuring through one's knowledge of the greatnesses of the Creator Blessed is He. Thus, we find that the main greatnesses of the king, his pleasure and rulership is only in the heart, who knows in his heart that he is the king of all these countries and rules them all with the will of his heart and his desire.

Now, understand by yourself, that for one person in Gan Eden that its' possible that he will have all the 310 worlds in his heart, for the heart can grasp in its place until there is no fathoming and no number as mentioned earlier, and he will have all the pleasures and delights; while his friend, even though he is sitting next to him, will not feel anything for his heart is missing from all this, that is, from all the goodnesses and delights that the first person who is righteous willl have in his heart, fortunate for him, for the main feeling of pleasure and delight of the world to come and all the 310 worlds - all of this is in the heart (LM 1:191).

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