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Monday, April 20, 2009

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Gimmel

As per the booklet Ner L'Tzadik compiled by Rabbi Moshe Breslover consisting of teachings of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of the Alef Beis; since the the seven weeks of the Sefirah correspond to the seven days of the week that are represented kabbalistically by the letters Beis, Gimmel, Daled, Kof, Pei, Reish, Tov; accordingly, here is a translation of such learning beginning with with Gimmel for the second week of the Sefira.


Gohdel - Only now is it known to me - the greatness of the preciousness of thought. For thought is very precious, from which many complete Devorim (can be translated as things or words) of substance have been made, for they have existance all through the time of the worlds' existance, all the time that Hashem Yisbarach...

Wisdom is even more precious, for while thought comes up only as high as his thought process is, wisdom is what builds buildings with his wisdom through his intellect, and is indeed very precious. The main thing is that it will be with truth. Even when one is Mechadesh Pshat - the simple meaning of a subject in Torah, it's also a very big thing, and so it needs to be with truth. It works the same in reverse, for when it is without truth, the end result of Devorim (can be translated as things or words) will also work in reverse of what they should be.


rabbinachman said...

how did you find out about a book that R moshe complied

shimonmatisyahu said...

You can get a copy from the publisher Nekudot Tovot