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Monday, April 6, 2009

hafatsa proposal for the summer +++

Is this 4 U ??

If you want to give your life to Saba and are full of energy then...

Let's get 10 guys together and start the Best Hafatsa Israel has experienced. The hafatsa house in Ebay Ha Nachal is not finished and the wagon needs repairs plus a second horse. If each guy contributes Nis 4 000,- and alot of work (during working hours only) we can have a super set up with 3 teams of 3 going out on shifts (sleeping aboard) one replacement.

Each team can mafits the way they want. Needless to say the idea is to stick together for good and make our families in Ebay Ha Nachal in addition to bringing the Geula Home FOR SURE and FOR KEEPS!

Sounds easy, that's because it's all action not chouchmos!

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