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Sunday, April 19, 2009


"Question on Sipuray Maasiyos - The Ancient Tales
In the story of the 'Burger'- merchant and the the Emperor, the son of the merchant, the daughter of the Emperor, and the Emperor himself, are living together on an oasis in middle of nowhere. Rabbainu says in the story that the wood for lighting a fire was the equivelant of what would be considered extremely expensive in civilization (very appropriate for our times as what is going on in the world now, to take off the pressure on Israel and to pave the way to bring Rabbainu to E"Y BB"A). Later in the story however, Rabbainu says that everyday the son of the merchant would search 3 trees for the letter he recieved from his fiance, for there were thousands and thousands of trees.
My question is, if there were in fact thousands of trees, why was the wood considered so expensive?
Maybe we can say that there was no way to chop down the trees, but this seems kind of lame.
ANYONE have a solution?
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!"

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Maybe it means on one level that the wood itself could not be found in other places, perhaps this wood which was abundant in this place, was extremely rare. for instance, there is a type of wood which grows in Manipur, where the Bnei Menashe have been living, and they use it for making Aron Kodesh and for living purposes, however, in other parts of the world, not in the mountains of India/Burma, this wood is considered extremely valuable, so this is something which came to mind. This type of wood, is everywhere in one place, literally growing by the thousands, and totally rare in another place and very expensive. If the Bnei Menashe would have purchase this wood it would cost them a lot in a place like the U.S. or Europe, however, where they live they are able to have this much sought after type of wood for all of their needs and it only costs them the labor involved in working with it.

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NaaNaach said...

Dear AAH Nanach,
even though I doubt anyone ever considered your approach, I can definetly accept it.
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman.