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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did Rabbi Nachman write LM solely for his remains to be brought to Kiriat Melech David Hana?

I am ready to bet you think this is NUTS!

Read the introduction as carefully as you can and stop after the first paragraph of the first chapter. I'll list the main points of relevance here for you to check it yourself and form your own opignion.

Introduction: section that finishes with Nachouve lezion birnana bimhera be yamenu amen (rabbi nachman's) Here we see that he is in full force a descendent of the Bal Shem tov and of King David so his request is likely to be respected on high--- but this IS NOT ENOUGH come the second part.

In Yavneh it is decided that the Torah is doomed! Appears R.Yohai who says his book will take us out of galut- then he reveals the name RASHBI his kever and study center will take us out of galut- then he reveals SHIMON his angel will take us out of galut.

Why does Rabbi Nachman write all this--- He wants to make it clear that Yohai/Rashbi/Shimon are bound to succeed so it would seem he has nothing specific to add.

Not so....

Who says out of galut is geuoula?

The revelation of the chiddushim in Bar Bar CHana are to "raise" to zion Bir-Na Na(ch) to Kiriat Melech David Chana (bar bar Chana).

Still don't get it?

The revelations in this book will elevate the zion to the mount of Olives!

First chapter, first paragraph:

...and the grace (nach) and importance of Israel will raise and be in the sky...the grace and importance, the real one, of Israel, fell because today the main importance and grace is at their place. where? (Ukraine).

So, if you want to study LM, don't be a fool, read the introduction or taste the fate of the priestly sons of Aharon. Do what the boss (Rabbi Nachman) wants!

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