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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The BIG Letters

In today's Krias Torah of Shabbos Chol HaMoed, there are two enlarged letters - Noon & Reish.

The BIG Noon is the beginning letter of the word Notzeir, which is among the Yud Gimel Midos Rachamim. Notzair has the same Gematria as the word Sheim (name) which is 340. Now in the phrase, it's Notzeir Chesed, and Chesed is the Gematria of 72, which is the total of the Sheim Havaya - YKVK - when spelled out as Pashut, Kaful, Meshulash, Meruba. In any case, the enlarged letter here is Noon, the letter which begins the same process of the name Nachman paralleling Hashem's four letter name. Also, Noon when spelled out as Noon, Vov, Noon, has the same Gematria as Ebay HaNachal, the name of the Sefer (Sefer having the same Gematria as Notzeir) of the letters that Saba wrote to President Shazar.

The BIG Reish is the ending letter of the word Acheir, which is in the phrase of El Acheir, referring to other gods that the Torah tells us not to worship. Indeed, the word for the number 200, the Gematria of Reish, is Moh-sayim, which in turn has the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman (491)! Now, in the end of the Petek which mentions this Shir Chadash (NOTE: today was also the reading of SHIR HASHIRIM), it the date of 17 Tammuz, the date of the infamous Golden Calf being worshipped. Today's Avoda Zara among other things is money. Speaking of which, who is on the 200 Shekel? President Shazar, with whom Saba had an ongoing relationship resulting in the Sefer of Ebay HaNachal. ("The Villager" can tell you much more about this concept). This is very much apropo to Pesach which is supposed to be the Tikkun for Ta'avas Mammon.

Oh yes, before someone beats me to it (as it happened once, but at least someone is reading my blogs) the two big letters here - Reish & Noon, are the Roshei Taivos for Rabbeinu Nachman, whose name is the same Gematria as Pesach (148). And the words for the letters Noon & Reish - when spelled out Noon, Vov, Noon, Reish, Yud, Shin - has the same Gematria as the Sefer of Likutei Halachos (616) - THE Sefer of Hasidic commentary to the Shulchan Aruch (which has FOUR parts to it)- there is no other SEFER like it, and as one Chasidic Rebbe said, this Sefer includes ALL the other Chasidic Seforim! Also, has the same Gematria as Yisro, name of Moshe Rabbeinu's father-in-law who at one time worshipped all the gods in his time, but realized at one point that "Hashem is greater than all the other gods", giving up his well paid prestigious priestly position (how many are prepared to do this, sacrificing a well paying career, today for the truth?)

And perhaps most important as related to the above - in the Chumashim that indicate the big letters - the word for big is Rabohsi - instead of other words like Gadol. You see, Rabohsi has the same letters as Bris.

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The villager said...

another day another Ay!
I just started reading likutey Moharan, finally- In the introduction rabbenu makes it clear that Rabbi Shimon already set up the geula- but for one thing--- bringing the grave of rabbi Nachman. Lesson one is about opening the hearts of people to hear G-d's wishes and the main thing of course is to fly the peer and the yofi over to ir David! That would work best.