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Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Ba'al HaGan" on Simcha

As the first 12 days of Nissan corresponds to the 12 Shvatim, and accordingly, to the 12 months; today's date of 12 Nissan corresponds to Adar - the month of Simcha. Accordingly, it would be most appropriate to write a little bit on this subject - as translated from a Nanach booklet called "Ba'al HaGan":

1) It's a big Mitzva to always be in happiness, and to strengthen oneself to distance sadness and malencholy with all of one's strength. (LM 2:24)

2) The main thing is to always be in happiness. One should make himself happy with whatever is possible, even through silly things, making oneself like a fool doing foolish things and laughter or jumping and dancing in order to get to happiness, which is a very big thing. (LM 2:48)

3) Also through happiness is it possible to revive someone else. For there are those who have tremendous afflictions, G-d forbid, and is impossible for them to recount what's on their hearts. They may want to tell what is going on in their lives and bare their hearts, but have no one to discuss this with. They walk around full of afflictions and worries, but it's only when someone with a happy face can it literally enliven them. Reviving someone's spirits isn't an empty thing - it is in fact a very big thing. (Chaye Moharan 43)

4) When there are, G-d forbid, judgments on the Jewish people; by dancing and clapping hands, sweetening of the judgments is accomplished. (LM 10)

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