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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today - 8 Nissan - is the Bris Day of Rabbeinu. This of course brings to mind the Tikkun HaKelali. While this is something good to say at any time, its primary purpose is to rectify sexual impurity.

On the preventive side, there is another set of psalms that are a prevention for sexual impurity. As is customary on the night of Yom Kippur, the first four psalms - Tehillm Chapters 1-4 are recited. Now, the way the Shir Chadash of Rabbeinu's name goes, it's Pashut (1), Kaful (2), Meshulash (3) & Meruba (4). Hence, the numbers of the first four Pirkei Tehillim corresponds to the Shir Chadash of Na Nach Nachma Nachman, in respective order.

Perhaps a proof to this is that within the first four psalms when recited for the express purpose that we have in mind on Yom Kippur night, we have in mind the word B'Vris ("with Bris") when we say Hashem's name corresponding to the written YKVK.

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let's nanach albany NY! said...

chazaq weematz, this inspires/reminds me to bring a siddur to my office so i can read tehillim -- there is nothing like tehillim -- reading tehilim is tefilah and limud and gives us some ruach hakodesh!