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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The three psalms on the bills...

You may wonder what the three psalms are doing on the bills...

There is a letter in Ebay Ha Nachal that says that the recitation of these three psalms allows the reader to distinguish the divine spark (nekouda tova) in each person and (since this is the point of emes) become humble.

Trust in the power of King David and Rabbi Na Nach and soon Rabbenu's unique utterly holy and unblemished remains will be buried on Har Tzion, ending Paganism and beginning Humanity.

PzPzYk is "Melamed schout" (learning/teaching merit) on everyone on Rosh Hashana, or as I heard someone say, Saba called Zalman Chazar (Israel's first minister of education) Hanoch (from teaching- also the great teacher who invented faith in G-d and became the angel PzPzYk)

This is directly related to the revelation of these Psalms in his book!


Anonymous said...

לא צריכים שתסבירו לנו מה זה אב"י הנחל
כל אחד מישראל יכול לקרוא באב"י הנחל ולהרגיש את הגאולה !
הגאולה לא שייכת למי שיש לו כסף להביא את רבנו לארץ !!!

רבנו לא רוצה כסף !!! ננח

The villager said...

All the money is his and so are you pal! With out him the money would be worth less then the paper it is printed on and I don't want to mention what you and I would be worth...
But go on and teach me...what, like how I love money and all.

If I built a house without money and lived in a cave, I'm crazy. If I collect signatures to bring rabbi Nachman to Israel, I'm wasting my time.

Since USA is now more hated then Israel- then I am SUPER PROUD to be American because my country is doing something VERY RIGHT, thank you ADON!

Anonymous said...

אם ה' לא יבנה בית שווא עמלו בוניו בו...

כל הכסף שייך לסבא,
להפצה והדפסה !!! זה העיקר
רבנו לא צריך את ההסכמה של רבנים
ולא צריך את העצומה שלך

רבנו קרוב לכל קוראיו לכל אשר יקראוהו באמת
וגם ב10 שקל אפשר לקנות שמע ישראל- זה סבא וזה רבנו באמת

נ נח...