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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shay - 310 - immersions

Many are familiar with the practice of the Nanach to immerse 310 times in the Mikve (pool of naturaly collected water), based on Sefer Hamidos (available in English for free download at that 310 immersions in the mikve sweetens the judgements.
Many submerse in the mikve and extract a finger and reinsert it over and over again until they have achieved the desired amount, this is based on the fact that ones entire body must be submerged so every time the finger is extracted and reinserted it is like a completely new immersion. This Purim I read a book, Toldos Menachem, according to the author it is not sufficient to just extract and reinsert a finger, he asserts that the main rectification is bringing ones head into the water.
In the Bezenson's new book about Nanach and if I recall correctly in Chayay Yisroel Saba it says that the Saba, the precious student of Rabbainu, Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser, would do 310 immersions every day, each immersion he would stay submerged for a long time, thus the immersions would take a few hours.
The main thing is to concentrate on the holy name Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman which in and of itself is the highest mikve (see Likutay Moharan Tora 56).


Anonymous said...

May we merit to say Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman 310 times!

: )

Shimon kreisel said...

it also says in sefer hamidos that 310 erases fear from a person,and it brings yiras shamayim(fear of Hashem)

shimonmatisyahu said...

In the very last Mishna of the 63 Masectos of Mishnayos, it mentions that the Tzadikim inherit 310 worlds as reward for their good deeds. Saba, the title given to the Tzadik HaDor of the last generation right before Moshiach's coming, is the Gematria of 63, who was meticulous with 310 immersions.

Anonymous said...

Moshiach is hinted to in the bracha from Yaakov Avinu, "ad ki yavo shilo"

SHILO is Shin-Yud-Lamed-Vav

in other words, Shay Lo, or 310 Lo, lo also means his, so it can be read "his 310".

also SHAY means gift, 310 is gift, so it can also be read "shilo= the gift is his" Saba's immersions in the mikveh are his gift to the Moshiach and all klal Yisroel.

Na nach nachma nachman meuman!