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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shovavim - Yom Kippur Kattan

Yes, indeed. Shovavim is the same Gematria as Rebbe Nachman (360)! The connection between the two is quite obvious; if there is any practical difference, it's that Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun HaKelali works throughout the year, not just during the time of Shovavim.

Well, this week I picked up a Sefer on the topic of Shovavim, as well as topics on Teshuva & Avodas Hashem - basically quotes mostly from various Chasidic Rebbes. Included in this are
statements from Rebbe Nachman from Likutei Moharan 2:73, which I will now quote. It is true that a couple of weeks ago, I wrote something similar; but as Chazal tell us that when we come across a particular subject mentioned in the Torah more than once, the additional mention comes to teach something new. Thus, especially in light of the fact that this Erev Rosh Chodesh will be the only Yom Kippur Kattan in this year's Shovavim period, it's most appropriate to mention the following:


"For there are 50 gates of Teshuva. A person can enter and attain 49 of these gates, but the 50th gate is the aspect of Teshuva of Hashem Himself so to speak. For also with regard to the Blessed One do we find an aspect of Teshuva Returning), as it's written "Return to me, and I will return to you"."

"Now these 49 gates of Teshuva are the aspect of the 49 letters that are in the names of the 12 Shevatim -"Shivtei Kah", for each and every gate has its corresponding letter of the 49 letters of the Shevatim, and behold everyone wants to "fear Your Name". Nevertheless, not everyone merits to do Teshuva. For as we see that there are those who have absolutely no arousal for Teshuva; and even one who has an arousal for Teshuva does not necessarily merit to reach the letter and the gate of Teshuva that relates to him; and even if he finally reaches there, it can happen that the gate of Teshuva is closed. Thus, as a result, a person may not merit Teshuva."

"The Solution: Saying Tehillim even when one has absolutely no arousal for Teshuva, stirring oneself to do Teshuva, and also merits as a result of saying Tehillim to reach the particular gate and letter that one is related to and open the gate. And all this - one merits as a result of Tehillim. This is hinted in the first Posuk of Sefer Shemos in the last letters of the first 10 words spelling the letters Tehillim & Teshuva respectively. The fact that one merits Teshuva through Tehillim is the aspect of "The names of Bnei Yisroel who came to Mitzrayim", for the 49 gates of Teshuva are the aspect of the 49 letters that are in the names of Bnei Yisroel (Yaakov's children) who came to Mitzrayim to be purified there."


"One who wants to merit Teshuva, should regularly say Tehillim, for saying Tehillim is a Segula for Teshuva. This is illustrated by Chazal (Avoda Zara 4b): Dovid HaMelech was not worthy of sinning in relationship of the incident involving his wife Bas-Sheva. It happened only in order to instruct Teshuva for an individual, etc. Dovid HaMelech's main Teshuva was his composition Sefer Tehillim which he said with great arousal and Ruach HaKodesh".

P.S. Off to a great start this week. Note the time of this posting 2:01 AM. Indeed, this week's Parsha is Bo - which is Beis (2) & Alef (1)!

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