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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shemos HaTzadikim

In appropo to my last week's blog about the corelationship of Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum in relationship to Rabbeinu, the Moharanat, & Saba - the introductory piece preceding the main text of Likutei Moharan - the part about Rashbi, begins with the phrase (quoted from Tehillim 46:9) Lechu Chazu Mifalos Hashem - "Go and see the works of Hashem". While it does not quote the second half of the Posuk, perhaps it's the second half of the Posuk that is the main part here - Asher Sohm Shamos B'Aretz, as the Gemara says, "Do not read it as Shamos/devastation but rather as Shemos/names". This also happens in the Gemara when at times it quotes part of a Posuk, but the reason for bringing the Posuk is for the second half of it which is not quoted. As this introductory piece speaks about Rashbi, and how his name is hinted in the Torah, it seems that indeed it is this second half of the Posuk as it relates to names that is the point over here. With this said, since Shemos are the Roshei Teivos of Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum, I had mentioned last week that in terms of Breslov, this refers to Rabbeinu - whose magnum opus is the Likutei Moharan, the Moharanat, & Saba.

If you read through the Shemos HaTzadikim in the part of the Tanaim & Amoraim as listed in order of the Alef Beis - you will find a very striking thing. You have a list of rabbis named Rav Nachman, then very shortly afterwards are a list of rabbis named Rav Nosson, and then right away starts the Samech list - and the very first rabbi is called Sovo/Sava which is in effect the word or the same letters as Saba!

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