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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Sandwiched Rabbi

Today (at least at the time I'm writing this) is still Rosh Chodesh for the United States, which marks the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover. His Rebbe was the Moharanat, who in turn was the Rebbe of Rabbeinu; accordingly, he was the Rebbe of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, who in turn was the Rebbe of Saba. Being in the middle of the line, it seems that Rabbi Breslover is the least talked about. It's like a sandwich that has only salad as the only substantial food inside it and the very middle consists of the salad dressing which is only used to add zest to the Gantzeh Se'uda. But perhaps, Rabbi Breslover can be more compared to a regular big mac that features the burger in the middle surrounded by salad. Yes indeed, Rabbi Moshe Breslover added a most significant contribution to Breslov - something that I didn't even know about one month ago. It's comes as a small booklet entitled Ner LaTzadik (published by Nekudot Tovot) that consists mainly of teachings from Likutei Moharan starting with the different Alef Beis to be learned corresponding to the Niftar's name - the same way that is done with the Mishnayos (NOTE: For those who haven't read my other blogs that I wrote today, scroll down where I translated parts of it, especially the Toros that begin the letters of the name MOSHE).

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