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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now's the time to bring RABBENU

I don't recommend going to UMAN this year unless you want to contribute be kiddush Hashem with your mortal vessel. Two Haverim have died at the kever as a divine war-ning. I hope bringing the kever WILL NOT require a sacrifice of much greater MAGNITUDE this year- and will only cost a little mamon at most. For those of you who don't realize it the political situation for Israelis and Jews has changed enormously in just 20 days not to mention what is going to happen after Hussein's swearing-in sere-money. In French we say "l'argent n'a qu'un oeil". If you love Rabbenu this is the last "peaceful" chance to bring him home- but he will be home- !


rockymountainnanach said...

i havent heard of any one dying - can you please be more specific

The villager said...


Two Haverim were flown in for burial at Har Menouchot after having fallen at rabenu's kever in Uman. Both from health ailements - not bullets or other forms of "terror" Oded ZTLB and Ariel ZTLB. I consider this to be a divine message to believers. It is a great honor to die at Rabbi Nachman's grave and to be buried near Saba- however to do it volontarily or to do it blindly are two different things.

rockymountainnanach said...

Thank you for your response.

Rabbanu was very clear about coming to him for Rosh Hashana, he stated the Gulah was dependent on his Rosh hashana. I know a lot of Chevrah in E.Y go to Saba which i understand, but for those in Chutz Laartz where should they go?

Thousands of yidden go to Uman every year, 2 people form 30,000 is a real meuit, are you saying its a sechana to go?

How do we know what you are saying is not just creating a menia to be by Rabbanu