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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New NANACH.NET commercial still skyrocketing!

Just two days ago we put up the new commercial and it has already recieved apx. 11,000 hits! Overout the day it saw 13 honors!
We need you to help hit it up - first of all by playing the video here until it stops - this will play 200 times and will take apx. 35 minutes. Also by visiting the video and commenting on it, clicking on 'favorite' and by rating it awesome by clicking on the star furthest right. Also by subscribing to the channel. In short what ever you can think of or imagine - do it! NNNNM!!!!


saba-noon said...

I just discovered another thing that we can do to promote this video. (B'H) On my computer I can have many browser windows on so I can have on many different windows. I opened several windows and pressed play on each one, so I have the sound off and I am playing three videos at the same time. so instead of 200 hits in a half an hour I am making 600 hits in a half an hour. If I open more windows and simultaneously play more videos so correspondingly I will make more hits. Get it?

rockymountainnanach said...

great idea thanks for the tip

The villager said...


rockymountainnanach said...

To my brother villager , what was it you said about 2 people dying in Uman? You have me concerned please reply