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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nekudos Tovos - Beautiful Nanach Sforim

There is a guy in Beis Shemesh that publishes the holy books of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman, under the name: Nekudos Tovos. Amongst other things he has a large Likutay Moharan, leather bound, Chayay Moharan with inclusion of the censored items and additional unpublished material (a must!), a beautiful Tehilim, Ebay Hanachal with copies of the original hand written letters and with many unpublished letters, the Breslov siddur compiled some 100 years ago which has everything from Rabbainu and Rabbi Nussun referenced and often quoted in full, full sized glossy picture book of the Saba, and more.
To get a hold of these beautiful sforim:

Nekudos Tovos in Beit Shemesh: 02 999 5063. 0545503546. 0528325207

In Yerushalayim:
shmuel gayzee, 50 Malchay Yisroel (home not store): 02 537 5689 050 419 1502


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Unknown said...

Nekudos Tovos will mail it to you, but the shipping is very expensive.

shimonmatisyahu said...

Yishar Koach for posting.
Noteworthy to note - there's a newly published Sefer - actually more like a small booklet - called Ner Tzadik - a compilation of Tefillos and learning for Niftorim by Rabbi Moshe Breslover (whose Yahrzeit is coming up this week on Rosh Chodesh Shvat). I know that the one in Beit Shemesh has it, will know tomorrow if the one in Yerushalayim has it.