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Friday, January 23, 2009

Nanach care package from Eitan: The New Outreach Project, arrives in Toronto!!!

Givald! Givald! Givald!
Just recieved a box full of holy Nanach material from Tzfas! It says on it that it's just a sample! B"H we have what to look forward to.
The box has a bunch of Nanach Tikun Haklali's two types each with Saba and the Petek; one with Azamra and Ayay with a Tfila, and one with words about Nanach and words from Saba and a Tfila, little booklets of Saba's writings and words also with Tikun Haklali, beautiful glossy illustrated booklets of the story of the Lost Princess, 4 ENGLISH 'The Tales of Rabbi Nachman'!, stickers of the Petek, a disc which I didn't check out yet but it says it has Nanach hafatza in Gaza, and more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessed is Hashem who gave us Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!
Thanks to The New Outreach Project, and Eitan, and all the mayfitzim, and all of Israel.

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rockymountainnanach said...

Baurch Hashem Kein Yuirbu NNNNM