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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nanach achdus and activity!

B"H last week was incredible hamtakus hadinim (sweetening of judgment), there was so much accomplished, unbelievable. It's too much to give a run down here, but thing are just progressing B"H, so B"H you will be hearing about them!

B"H last week Yosef Saban and I had a great video chat!
B"H there is alot more getting together of the Nanach, especially with great blessings to our Rockymountain Nanach blitzing with posts and videos and all types of other stuff, and AYGS and Shlomo rolling out the videos and other hafatza!
Sabanoon Productions (with Yosef, Gidalya, and Shany) rocking the house with more amazing videos!
Great post by our Gematria man SM about the succession of the holy names Nachman Nussun and Sabba in Shaymos Hatzadikim.
Great videos from our Dear Israeli Nanach Brothers! With another great video from a new friend of the Nanach from Germany!
Special thanks to our webmaster for keeping everything together and continually pumping out new stuff and inovations.
Also thanks to Yakov from Montreal who's put alot of work and time to keep the site organized.
There are some other people that deserve mention but I really got to go, so I hope they'll forgive me and lash out with some more Nanach!

Keep up the good work!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

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rockymountainnanach said...

thank you achi for bringing all this energy together May we be zociah to the Geulah very soon ... NNNNM