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Monday, January 26, 2009

MEM & MEM, Inc.

It's all about the number 40. While Rosh Chodesh Shevat is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover, it also marks the day of Moshe Rabbeinu giving his final series of sermons comprising Sefer Devorim, also called Mishna Torah, which was in the 40th year of Bnei Yisroel in the Midbar. Now, encompassing my today's scrolled down blogs, let's count the ways that the number 40 manifests itself here, and what does it have to do with Breslov and Nanach.

A couple of weeks back, we read about Baby Moses in the Parsha. The Posuk that mentions him being named - the 40th letter in the Posuk is the Mem=40 in Moshe's name. According to one Midrash, he had three periods of 40 years each - in Mitzrayim, Midyan, and the Midbar. Then on Har Sinai, he was in Shomayim for three periods of 40 days each. Now the Mishnayos, composed by Rabbeinu HaKadosh (Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi) - the same title that Rabbeinu Nachman is called - begins with a Mem - Mei'eimosei, and ends with a Mem (Sofis) - Ba'Shalom.
Then the Mishna Torah - composed by the Rambam (Rabbeinu Moshe Ben Maimon) - ends of with the last three words KaMayim LaYom Mechasim - all ending with Mem (Sofis). It has been said that on the night that the Rambam finished his composition, his father Maimon and Moshe Rabbeinu appeared to him, the latter giving him his Haskama on his newly completed work. And then we know with Rabbeinu as brought down in a Sefer pertaining to his life that he encompassed 40 years (even though he lived in this world only 38 and a half years) because he was born in 5532 and was Niftar in 5571 - on the day of the Ushpizin of Moshe. And of course, as per his magnum opus Likutei Moharan, he is called Moharan that begins with a Mem.

So what is the particular connection of Mem with NaNach? Remember Saba's birthday 20 Kislev? We just celebrated 120 years since the birth of Saba, the Moshe Rabbeinu of the last generation, just like Moshe Rabbeinu himself who lived for 120 years. Anyways, Rosh Chodesh Shevat is either 40 days after Saba's birthday, as it fell out this year; or in other years, Rosh Chodesh Shevat is the 40th day from Saba's birthday.

And speaking of beginning - Rabbeinu, middle - Rabbi Moshe Breslover, and end - Saba, - you know what else is beginning, middle and end? The EMES! Yes, the word itself too. That is, when including the five Sofis letters of Mintzafach (in order, it's Chof, Mem, Noon, Pei, Tzadi) within the 22 Alef Beis by their respective letters, thus a total of 27 letters - the letter Mem is the middle letter (the 14th). Thus, Rabbi Moshe Breslover, whose name starts with Mem, also corresponds particularly to the letter Mem!


Anonymous said...


If anyone can answer this it would be appreciated: if I want to donate money to the Keren, do I just send a check to the POB in Jerusalem as listed at the beginning of the Sefarim from the Keren? Also, would a Canadian check be ok for them to cash in Israel?

Anonymous said...

Tonight is the Hillula of ASHER BEN YAAKOV AVINU.
Some Light a Ner of Shemen Zayis in his Memory ZY"A

Side note I am also interested in speaking to someone from the Keren.

Unknown said...

yasher koach!!! uzi nanaj

shimonmatisyahu said...

As per Asher's Yahrzeit - I have seen two different versions - Beis Shevat & Chof Shevat. Guess the difference started on a copyist's error, as a Beis & a Chof at times can look similar. The proof to this is in the Haskama for the Petek where it is written B'Zayin
- on the 7th - of Iyar. Now, if the Haskama is seen in small print the Beis in B'Zayin can look like a Chof, and thus I have seen it translated as Chof Zayin - 27 - Iyar. But I know for a fact that it was on the 7th of Iyar, but this is how copyist's errors happens. In any case, whenever Asher's Yahrzeit is on this month, the month itself corresponds to Shevet Asher.

As far as the Keren is concerned, please don't quote me on this as this is only second hand info, but I heard that it went bankrupt, but please first check it out with others.