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Monday, January 26, 2009

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Alef

NOTE: See my next blog in order of reading as to the significance of learning the following, especially for Rosh Chodesh Shevat - Alef Shevat, Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover ZTVK"L.


Eesah BaGemara: See in the Gemara - (Rabbi Nechunya Ben HaKana was asked) "In what merit did you live a long life?" The rabbi answered "I was easy going with my money". (Megillah 28a)

To explain this, we need to know what it says in the Zohar HaKadosh (Naso 123):

"Come and see: Each one of the six days of Creation has a replica of the spiritual level that leads it, and you don't find any day that does not have good in it..."

"Each day has its outside fence so that not anyone can just come in for the good that it contains; for example, anyone who consists of darkness that covers the light..."

"Because of this, one who is wicked while wishing to know the secrets of the Torah, will have his thoughts confused by angels of destruction who are called darkness and thick clouds, snakes and scorpions, who are called wild beasts of the field, in order to prevent this wicked person from entering a place where he does not belong."

"However, for one who is good, all of these angels protect him, as these prosecuting angels become his advocates, and they themselves bring him to the Hidden Good and say to Him: "Our Master, here is a person who is good, righteous and fearing of Heaven, and he wishes to enter in Your Presence"..."

"That Hidden Good will say to them: "Open up for him the gate that is called love" or "Open up for him the gate that is repentance." Every righteous person will enter a particular area according to his spiritual level."

There is no good but Torah (Avoda Zara 19b). When one wants to be immersed and think in Torah, meaning in the secrets of the Torah, there are "snakes and scorpions" that confuse his thoughts - these are the thoughts that come to a person. When a person wants and desires spirituality very much, and Hashem opens up the way for him, as mentioned in this piece of Zohar, then every day is by him very great, for he sees and comprehends the hidden goodness, meaning the secrets of the Torah that is connected with that particular day.

This is what the Tana asked: "In what merit did you live a long life?" Meaning, in what particular characteristic did you enter the hidden goodness, by which you lengthened your days that they should be great (as mentioned above). The rabbi answered him "I was easy going with my money". This was the characteristic of Avraham Avinu, and it is the gate that is called Love, which is the right side. As stated in Tikunei Zohar (Tikun 70): "From the right side is the white part of the brain like money". Meaning, that all of the accusers and "snakes and scorpions", meaning, the foreign thoughts that confuse one's mind, become white like money. And so it says regarding Avraham (Bereishis 24) "Now Avraham was old, well on in years" (NOTE: This is part of a Posuk that is a Minhag to say on Rosh Chodesh immediately following Hallel), meaning that all of his days were complete and great, for the right side is the white part of the brain that is like money, and the accuser becomes the defender, and Avraham was able to come every day to the hidden goodness that he was connected with. (Part 1:84)

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