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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hilchos Chodosh in the Chodesh

A lot for one day, but there is a significant Gematria here that will be the glue for what I am about to present here - pertaining to Alef Shevat. Alef - the number 1, and Shevat which is 311, which is 1+311=312, the Gematria of Chodesh (without the Vov, which is how it is spelled in the Torah). As brought down in Chasidishe sources, Rosh Chodesh Shevat (1 Shevat) is the Rosh Hashana of learning Torah She'B'Al Peh, as Moshe Rabbeinu began the content of Sefer Devorim, also called Mishna Torah (which is the name that the Rambam gave to his Halachic work consisting exactly of 1,000 chapters - an enlargement of the Mishna which is the foundation of Torah She'B'Al Peh) on this very date, and this Sefer is compared to Torah She'B'Al Peh - the same way that it is transmitted from the Rav to the Talmid orally (as it was in the old days). Chazal tell us that the words of Torah should be considered as NEW to us EVERY DAY.

Good reason for me to be enlarging the above words. There is what is called Hilchos Rosh Chodesh - Laws of the NEW Moon, and then there is what is called Hilchos Chodosh - Laws of the NEW grain. Yes, that Mitzva. According to the Torah, it is forbidden to eat of the new grain that grows since the Omer - the barley offering (with its accompanying Korbonos) brought on 16 Nissan, until the Omer is brought that coming year. In any case, both the words Chodesh & Chodosh are spelled the same way - the only difference are the Nekudos.

Over a year ago, I discovered something fantastic pertaining to Likutei Halachos. Unlike the LH on Rosh Chodesh which is rather quite lengthy (don't mind that, I am a Rosh Chodesh baby), his LH on Chodosh is relatively much shorter. What does this mean? There has to be some intrinsic connection between Chodesh & Chodosh, which is in fact somehow pointed out in LH of Hilchos Chodosh. So, I thought of an idea last year - learn a portion of this EVERY DAY to be completed every month! Got too busy at one point, but Bli Neder, I hope to shortly learn at least the beginning of it today before the end of the day (it's almost Shekiah), once again. I had in mind to translate this at one point, but now with, it will make it much easier. Don't have much time left, but I hope that on Tu B'Shevat, which is the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, author of Likutei Halachos, I will be able to begin translating Hilchos Chodosh (in Yoreh Deah), which I will post here B'Ezras Hashem. Meanwhile, you can start your own Seder in this - if you learn an approximate even amount of it every day, you can learn a small amount which you will be able to complete in one month. Speaking of which - the Shir CHODOSH - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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The Petek is new every day.