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Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Chodesh! Good Nanach!

B"H as SM already pointed out this month - Shevat, is represented by the letter צ which is the Tzadik. Shevat is also a terminology for Tfila (see Likutay Halachos C"M) because Tfila is the staff of the Tzadik and the 12 shivatim are the 12 paths of Tfila. Also the permutation of Hashem's name for this month alludes to tmuros - the switching - which only the Tzadik sees beyond them and overcomes them.
My father told me that it is not uncommon for the sefer Or Gedalyahu by R' Gedalya Schorr to quote Likutay Moharan, and he does so regarding the inyan of Rosh Chodesh, and thus my father had (once again) the merit of quoting a Likutay Moharan in one of his shiurim.


shimonmatisyahu said...

So, you come from a good Yeshiva background. Who are you, and what is your father's Yeshiva? (If you like, you can write to me at

P.S. Just blogged my Alef entry. Tzadi/Tzadik will be next (B'Ezras Hashem)

shimonmatisyahu said...

It's me again. For some reason, I thought it was someone else writing this, but I know very well who you are, Simcha. But I was just curious to know what your father's Yeshiva is.