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Monday, January 26, 2009

Get out of the slavery! Be Nanach!

Our sages taught that the tribe of the Levi didn't have to work for
the Egyptians. It is interesting to note that we don't find any
mention of people trying to pretend to be of the Leviites then (only
later, when there was great honor and power involved to we find things
like this happening, like with Korach). Wouldn't it be a very simple
effective way to avoid the slavery?
This is further evidence to peoples great misconception of what the
slavery of Egypt was. People think that it was about manual labor and
the like. The Zohar says that the slavery was about learning the
Talmud ויעבידו אותם בחומר ובלבנים, בחומר זו קל וחומר, ובלבנים זו
ליבון סוגיות – 'the Egyptions enslaved them with mortar and brick,
mortar is Kal Vichomar (logical reasoning and proof) and bricks are
the clarification of logical discussions. The tribe of Levi was not
enslaved to this labor of figuring out the problems of the things that
are wrong and evil, they dedicated themselves to pursuing just the
pure and holy, praying to G-d and studying His ways of Pure Holiness.
To be a Levi meant that one had full and active belief that God is one
and everything. The Levi would not work, he believed that God provides
sustenance so working would be insanity. Therefore it is easy to
understand that although everyone had the option of leaving the
slavery by joining the tribe of Levi, no one did so, because they were
trapped in the slavery of their own ideology grappling with wrong and
evil and couldn't free themselves as the tribe of Levi.

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Anonymous said...

Are you saying that they were not really slaves but only stuck in the Mitzrayim Yeshiva???