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Monday, January 19, 2009

German Media Coverage of NaNach!

B"H last week we posted a video from youtube of Nanach hafatza on the warfront ( The video was posted on the youtube by 'Rauskucker' which means a person who sits on a very high place and looks out into the world - so I got to speaking to him, and much of our conversation can be found in the comments to that video. Part of our discussion was about his profile name and I showed him that it was a very similar concept to that discussed by Zalman Shazar (late President of Israel) on the 200 shekel, and translated and discussed by sometime last December ( Rauskucker found these words, as we did, to be extremely remarkable, and you can find them now on his homepage on the youtube!
Another great development from my conversation with Rauskucker was finding the where-a-bouts of the German media coverage of Nanach. Some of you might recall a couple of months ago a team of German journalists preparing a video and presentation on Nanach, and then we never heard from them again. Well Rauskucker had not only read and seen the presentation he documented it on his homepage, and he was so kind as to share this information with me! It's mamash Givald! Givald!
So here are the links, it's two articles and video. If you go to Google translate and paste the URL into the translate box, and set the languages to German - English, they will translate the whole page for you (the first article very well - except for the fact that they also translate Na Nach as Na after, because Nach is German for after, as is Nuch a Na Nach (another NaNach!), the second article which is a much much better one doesn't get translated as well, but it's good enough to understand what is being said).
The video narration is mostly built on the second article.


video: WARNING!!! The beginning of this video has immodest women in it - WARNING!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks to the warning I will skip this video

Anonymous said...

i didn't even notice it untill i saw the warning

Anonymous said...

what did you do about the immodesty? reminds me about the joke with the Chasidishe Rebbe "shabbos aHin, shabbos aHer..."!!!