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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fear not being completey joyous and happy

It says in the holy sefer Meshivas Nefesh (86), that people sometimes get depressed when they contemplate the punishments of sins and retribution of bad deeds, this is completely backwards, the main fear a person should have is to listen to what our holy sages taught us to be very very happy and joyous!
B"H YS"L! Just now I found a Targum Yonusun that basicly says this on the verse in Proverbs (Mishley chapter 14) מדרכיו ישבע סוג לב ומעליו איש טוב, וסוף הפסוק תרגם יונתן ז"ל וגברא טבא נסבע מן דחלתיה! 'and good man is satiated from his fear (of God)!!!! NNNNM!!!!!


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i know where the pic came from