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Saturday, January 17, 2009

every YEHUDI is a Nanach

I believe this. Is there anyone out there that can figure out ways to proove this? I'll get back (b.n.) with my own suggestions.


NaaNaach said...

check out shlomo's song: Yahadus ze bresluv, kee breslov ze yahadus!

The villager said...

Here's another: Y H V H is related to Y H D Y because the D in hebrew if you take off the end of it becomes like a reish which with the youd forms a H. Sounds far fetched? Then consider that when the shaliach reaches the manoul of the Delet of rabbi Nachman, the baby starts to be born setting off the 70 cries! The Y H D Y becomes Y H V H and that is the basis of the single double triple quadruple song.

A mafits comes back to saba or rabenu and all the neshama's he visited start to be born!

Anonymous said...

yehudi is after Yehuda who was king.So now it is Nanach after Rebbe Nachman