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Monday, January 26, 2009

Desire Rabbi Nachman in Nissan and Nussun

Previously on SM wrote about how מוהר"ן 'Our Master and
Teacher Rabbi Nachman' has the numercial value of 301, and we pointed
out that Rabbi Nachman himself once said that the word כסף – 'money'
if spelled out – כף סמך פא – has the numercial value of 301. Just now
I found a Rash"i in the Prophet Hoshaya (3:2) that states כסף has the
numerical value of ניסן! (B"H this is coming from Rash"i, because it
means you must spell ניסן without the Yud. This opens new doors and
avenues of understanding, because ס is interchangeable with ת, this
would make ניסן – נסן – נתן! Rabbi Nussun!!!!). ניסן is the birthday
of מוהר"ן and is also ראש השנה (as Rabbainu says explicitly in Likutay
Moharan end of Tora 49 which discusses the שיר פשוט כפול שלוש מרובע)
which is the whole aspect of Rabbainu!

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