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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Craziness of Na Nach

It is very common to hear ignorant people refer to Nanachs as being crazy. In fact it is just the opposite and the person saying this is the one who is truly mad.

Rabbanue teaches us that each time you do a sin, it is only because a spirit of madness over takes you. Guess what, after each sin the residue of madness remains within the person until he has no control over himself at all. Obviously this only shows when he is fighting his lusts and bad traits. For as long as he is steeped in his lusts and bad traits both he and his spirits of madness are moving in the same direction. Therefore it looks like he is in control, for there is no opposition or anything fighting him. It is the opposite, the spirits of Madness are actually helping him, giving him more power. It might therefore seem to an outsider that he is in even more control.

Fortunate are we that we have these teachings from Rabbanue so we are not misled, fooled and sidetracked by seeing the everyday cases of 'Rash vtov lo' how the wicked seem to succeed.

Either way, the point of all this was just to say that most people that oppose Nanach and Rebbe Nachman fall into this category and they are the ones that are truly crazy.

However it is known that every lie has some truth, therefore even in these peoples words there must be some element of truth.

In the Sefer Tahars Hakodesh, Rebbe Aharon Rateh has a list of techniques that a person might use to ward off impure thoughts and temptations. One of the methods is to temporarily act insane. Rebbe Ahron Rateh then revels a great secret, that klipot of Tivas Niuf can only maintain a hold on a person as long as he possesses the spirit of a human. However when he acts insane they can no longer maintain their hold upon him. Rebbe Ahron Rateh then recommends doing some actions of insanity. Look it up in Taharas Hakodesh to see the whole piece. This is also part of the reason why King Dovid acted insane when he was stuck in the Land of Pelishtim.

In short the next time you are confronted by Hirrhurim / impure thoughts and have a difficulty getting rid of them, stand up and yell out in the most insane and crazy way you can...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

And watch the Klipot evaporate to nothingness.

1 comment:

rockymountainnanach said...

It also wards off the evil forces as we see by Rabbanui on his trip to E.Y when he acted "foolishly" in Instambul when he was actually in great danger, as the evil one was determined to prevent him from continuing... (May Hashem protect us from the Evil one) NNNNM