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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birchot hashachar for one who didn't sleep before midnight or for one who arose before midnight

I was learning in Ben Ish Chai - Wayeshev these halakhot and they are good to review since we should be up for Tikkun Chatzot BH:

#9 ... And Rabbeinu Z"L in Sha`ar Hakawanot daf 2 amud 4 wrote: The 18 brachot from "al netilat yadayim" until the end of brachot hatorah -- one must order and bless them each day, even through he did not oblige himself in them. Because they are all wonderful hints to upper lights, and we shouldn't annul them. Even one who did not sleep at night, or if he did not remove his turban or clothes or shawl or shoes etc -- he must recite them each day, all of them, even though he did not oblige himself in them, since they are affixed according to the custom of the world, except for bircat "sheasah li kol tzorki" on 9 Av and YK, when the whole world goes barefoot; and also except for birkat "al netilat yadayim" and "asher yatzar," for with these two, if he did not obligate himself in them he should not recite them. Up to here is his words.

[So looks like if you don't sleep in the first half of night, for example you stayed up until chatzot, then at chatzot lilah (6 clock hours after tzeit hakochavim) you say the 18 brachot except for netilat yadayim and "asher yatzar" (unless you happen to go then I guess).]

#13: One who slept fixed sleep (deliberate sleep lasting 60 breaths/about a half-hour) before midnight and awoke before midnight -- should not say birchot hashachar. So it seems from the face-value statements of the mequbbalim, and so it seems from the Zohar Haqadosh, Bereishit daf 10 amud 2, and see "Miqdash melekh" there. But birchat hatorah he can say before midnight, since he already slept regular sleep, and so it seems from the Zohar Haqadosh there, and see acharonim Z"L. However if he awoke close to midnight, it is proper to wait until after midnight (and in the meantime he can say songs and praises, do hitbodedut etc.) in order to recite birchot hashachar with birchot hatorah like the order of the tikkun each day, and they be one bundle...


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