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Friday, January 30, 2009

mea shearim

Uri,Mor,Raanan...went to spread joy in Mea shearim an ultra charadi area. Then they went to be mesamayach the friendly breslovers of Nekuda Tova, may they all be zochah to live off the light of the true tzaddik Rabbi NaNach Nachma Nachman mayuman

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Petek

New Petek Page on

a nanach tree

hafatzah sipurei maasiot nanachtoronto

this is one reason why nanachs dance

a nanach bistander

snowboarding 3

yelling nanach on jump saves for a good landing.

Proofreading Seven Beggars

We need to print Seven Beggars and save the world from cravings and sheker and poverty.
Proofreading or comments are requested --
Also seeking sponsors or discount printing.
(to be printed with Hebrew on the side).

Birchot hashachar for one who didn't sleep before midnight or for one who arose before midnight

I was learning in Ben Ish Chai - Wayeshev these halakhot and they are good to review since we should be up for Tikkun Chatzot BH:

#9 ... And Rabbeinu Z"L in Sha`ar Hakawanot daf 2 amud 4 wrote: The 18 brachot from "al netilat yadayim" until the end of brachot hatorah -- one must order and bless them each day, even through he did not oblige himself in them. Because they are all wonderful hints to upper lights, and we shouldn't annul them. Even one who did not sleep at night, or if he did not remove his turban or clothes or shawl or shoes etc -- he must recite them each day, all of them, even though he did not oblige himself in them, since they are affixed according to the custom of the world, except for bircat "sheasah li kol tzorki" on 9 Av and YK, when the whole world goes barefoot; and also except for birkat "al netilat yadayim" and "asher yatzar," for with these two, if he did not obligate himself in them he should not recite them. Up to here is his words.

[So looks like if you don't sleep in the first half of night, for example you stayed up until chatzot, then at chatzot lilah (6 clock hours after tzeit hakochavim) you say the 18 brachot except for netilat yadayim and "asher yatzar" (unless you happen to go then I guess).]

#13: One who slept fixed sleep (deliberate sleep lasting 60 breaths/about a half-hour) before midnight and awoke before midnight -- should not say birchot hashachar. So it seems from the face-value statements of the mequbbalim, and so it seems from the Zohar Haqadosh, Bereishit daf 10 amud 2, and see "Miqdash melekh" there. But birchat hatorah he can say before midnight, since he already slept regular sleep, and so it seems from the Zohar Haqadosh there, and see acharonim Z"L. However if he awoke close to midnight, it is proper to wait until after midnight (and in the meantime he can say songs and praises, do hitbodedut etc.) in order to recite birchot hashachar with birchot hatorah like the order of the tikkun each day, and they be one bundle...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't give mussar, Just Nanach!

Rabbainu said (Sichos Huran 124) rhetoricly "Have you ever heard Mussar from me?"
check it out!
Don't give mussar, just give Nanach!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Fear not being completey joyous and happy

It says in the holy sefer Meshivas Nefesh (86), that people sometimes get depressed when they contemplate the punishments of sins and retribution of bad deeds, this is completely backwards, the main fear a person should have is to listen to what our holy sages taught us to be very very happy and joyous!
B"H YS"L! Just now I found a Targum Yonusun that basicly says this on the verse in Proverbs (Mishley chapter 14) מדרכיו ישבע סוג לב ומעליו איש טוב, וסוף הפסוק תרגם יונתן ז"ל וגברא טבא נסבע מן דחלתיה! 'and good man is satiated from his fear (of God)!!!! NNNNM!!!!!

Oh! Its so much fun to have NaNach!

Find Nanach!

It says in Sefer Hamidos:
מי שמפזר מעותיו בשביל לקנות לעצמו רב ללמד ממנו, על ידי זה ימצא חן!
whoever spends his money to find a teacher to learn from, he will find grace.

grace in Hebrew are the letters נח, the student is נ as in the classic student Yehoshua ben Nun the student of Moshe.
So spend your money on Nanach, and you will find Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!!!

write up your Nanach dreams

It says is Sefer Hamidos that if you want your dreams to come true you should write them in your diary with the date, time, and place.
So write down all your Nanach dreams, date them, with the time and place, and watch their fruitiion.
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!!!


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Michael (W) has donated $18 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

When in doubt, say, Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman

When a person is certain, then he is at great risk of thinking that things are in his hands, whereas when a person is in doubt it should be that much easier to realize and aquiesce that there is a higher power which is definitely worthy to rely upon, this is however challenged by Amalaik, who has the numerical value of doubt (sufaik) and pushes a person to despair rather than acknowledging God and hoping for His salvation. That is why it is fundamental and of vital importance in all such instances and always to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman which restores the true and proper faith (the first letters of NNNNM have the numerical value of sufaik and amulaik, who is called the first nation who is going to destruction, all happening in the first letters of NNNNM!)!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work for Free, Eat for Free

B"H Rabbainu saved us from the slavery of this world. On the Hebrew we just published the parable Rabbainu related to earning a livelyhood and income. Rabbainu repeated over again "One works for free and one eats for free, in the place where one works one doesn't eat, and in the place where one eats one doesn't work" check it out.
Right now we're considering adding to a perminent link to words of encouragement to deny the falsehood of nature and pursuit of money (two categories), rather to have full complete belief in God that the world and everything in it and that happens in it is under His dominion.

Monday, January 26, 2009

MEM & MEM, Inc.

It's all about the number 40. While Rosh Chodesh Shevat is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover, it also marks the day of Moshe Rabbeinu giving his final series of sermons comprising Sefer Devorim, also called Mishna Torah, which was in the 40th year of Bnei Yisroel in the Midbar. Now, encompassing my today's scrolled down blogs, let's count the ways that the number 40 manifests itself here, and what does it have to do with Breslov and Nanach.

A couple of weeks back, we read about Baby Moses in the Parsha. The Posuk that mentions him being named - the 40th letter in the Posuk is the Mem=40 in Moshe's name. According to one Midrash, he had three periods of 40 years each - in Mitzrayim, Midyan, and the Midbar. Then on Har Sinai, he was in Shomayim for three periods of 40 days each. Now the Mishnayos, composed by Rabbeinu HaKadosh (Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi) - the same title that Rabbeinu Nachman is called - begins with a Mem - Mei'eimosei, and ends with a Mem (Sofis) - Ba'Shalom.
Then the Mishna Torah - composed by the Rambam (Rabbeinu Moshe Ben Maimon) - ends of with the last three words KaMayim LaYom Mechasim - all ending with Mem (Sofis). It has been said that on the night that the Rambam finished his composition, his father Maimon and Moshe Rabbeinu appeared to him, the latter giving him his Haskama on his newly completed work. And then we know with Rabbeinu as brought down in a Sefer pertaining to his life that he encompassed 40 years (even though he lived in this world only 38 and a half years) because he was born in 5532 and was Niftar in 5571 - on the day of the Ushpizin of Moshe. And of course, as per his magnum opus Likutei Moharan, he is called Moharan that begins with a Mem.

So what is the particular connection of Mem with NaNach? Remember Saba's birthday 20 Kislev? We just celebrated 120 years since the birth of Saba, the Moshe Rabbeinu of the last generation, just like Moshe Rabbeinu himself who lived for 120 years. Anyways, Rosh Chodesh Shevat is either 40 days after Saba's birthday, as it fell out this year; or in other years, Rosh Chodesh Shevat is the 40th day from Saba's birthday.

And speaking of beginning - Rabbeinu, middle - Rabbi Moshe Breslover, and end - Saba, - you know what else is beginning, middle and end? The EMES! Yes, the word itself too. That is, when including the five Sofis letters of Mintzafach (in order, it's Chof, Mem, Noon, Pei, Tzadi) within the 22 Alef Beis by their respective letters, thus a total of 27 letters - the letter Mem is the middle letter (the 14th). Thus, Rabbi Moshe Breslover, whose name starts with Mem, also corresponds particularly to the letter Mem!

Asher Ben Ya'akov, Shevat, and Mishnayos

To have a clear understanding of everything here, you may want to refer to my today's scrolled down blogs. But basically, Rabbi Moshe Breslover, whose Yahrzeit is Rosh Chodesh Shevat, composed a Sefer called Ner La'Tzadik that parallels the learning of Mishnayos as per the Niftar's Yiddishe Numen. It says of Asher Ben Ya'akov that he sits at the gates of Gehinnom, and doesn't let anyone who learned Mishnayos pass through? Why particularly Asher of all the Shevatim or other Tzadikim? I don't know to this day (though there is a Remez to this in Ya'akov's Beracha for Asher - Me'Asher Shmeina Lachmo, where the word Shmeina has the same letters as Mishna. Also, the first word of the Mishnayos - Mei'eimasai - has the same Gematria as Asher - 501). But it is true that as the months correspond to the Shevatim, the corresponding Shevet for Chodesh Shevat is Asher Ben Ya'akov.

ממשה עד משה לא קם כמשה

Yes, this phrase originally comes from praising the Rambam - Rabbeinu Moshe. In the Halachic sense, this is most true - the Rambam's magnum opus Mishna Torah, consisting of exactly 1,000 chapters encompasses the Halachos on all of the Taryag Mitzvos - an enlargement of the Mishnayos, but with much more clarity - beginning with the belief in an All Encompassing Being to the era of King Moshiach. In a spiritual sense, it can be most applied to Rabbi Moshe Breslover, whose Yahrzeit is Rosh Chodesh Shevat. (See future blogs as you scroll down on this most beloved Rabbi whose name is Moshe)

Rosh Chodesh Shevat is no stranger in Jewish history. The beginning of Sefer Devarim, also called Mishna Torah, mentions this date ("In the 11th month, on Day One of the month") as the beginning of Moshe Rabbeinu's final sermons to the Jewish Nation shortly before his Histalkus. And so too did Rabbi Moshe Breslover - the connecting bar beginning with Rabbeinu and ending with Saba - compose a most unique composition in relationship to the Likutei Moharan of Rabbeinu, who in turn was Niftar on the day of the Ushpizin of Moshe Rabbeinu. In another sense, he was like Moshe Rabbeinu in being an Onov/humble in terms of running away from honor (as mentioned in the learning of the letter Tzadi of Rabbi Breslover's Sefer, and Tzadi is the letter for Chodesh Shevat), and was featured as such in today's NaaNaach's blog on Rabbi Breslover.

Speaking about the Rambam, it's interesting to note that he is hinted in the Torah in this very week's Parshas Bo, the week of Rabbi Moshe Breslover's Yahrzeit! The simple hint to the Rambam are the Roshei Teivos of the words Revos Mofsai B'Eretz Mitzrayim - Hashem wanting to increase his wonders in the land of Egypt - in order to make a Kiddush Hashem in the world seeing everything that happened to the Egyptians. Then in the following section on Kiddush HaChodesh and the Mitzvos about Pesach (NOTE: The Rambam was born on Erev Pesach)- there are hints to the Rambam's Mishna Torah - where these two words are spelled equidistantly, there are 613 spaces between these two words.

Anyways, in the beginning of Sefer Devorim that is also called Mishna Torah where it says that Moshe explained the Torah - as did the Rambam in the most halachic sense - it mentions in the 11th Posuk - a Beracha that Moshe gave that Hashem should bless Bnei Yisrael a THOUSANDful. Interesting, there are exactly 1,000 chapters in the Rambam's Mishna Torah.

Now literally, Mishna Torah means "Repetition of the Torah". Interestingly, Rabbi Moshe Breslover's work Ner LaTzadik consists of pieces of the Likutei Moharan - indeed a repetition of Rabbeinu's Torah!

The yurtzheit (comemoration of the date of passing) of R' Moshe Breslever

R' Moshe Breslever was one of the main links in the chain of the Tradition of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman. He was born due to a blessing from Rabbi Nussun, he was brought up by Rabbi Nussun, he was know to be a genius, and yet there isn't very much know about him at all!!!!! (there should be an article about this some where in the archives of
May all the meforsumim of sheker and want to be meforsumim of sheker learn from R' Moshe to run away and avoid Kuvod and recognition.
Give H"Y the Kuvod, sing to Him:
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MeUman!

The Sandwiched Rabbi

Today (at least at the time I'm writing this) is still Rosh Chodesh for the United States, which marks the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover. His Rebbe was the Moharanat, who in turn was the Rebbe of Rabbeinu; accordingly, he was the Rebbe of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, who in turn was the Rebbe of Saba. Being in the middle of the line, it seems that Rabbi Breslover is the least talked about. It's like a sandwich that has only salad as the only substantial food inside it and the very middle consists of the salad dressing which is only used to add zest to the Gantzeh Se'uda. But perhaps, Rabbi Breslover can be more compared to a regular big mac that features the burger in the middle surrounded by salad. Yes indeed, Rabbi Moshe Breslover added a most significant contribution to Breslov - something that I didn't even know about one month ago. It's comes as a small booklet entitled Ner LaTzadik (published by Nekudot Tovot) that consists mainly of teachings from Likutei Moharan starting with the different Alef Beis to be learned corresponding to the Niftar's name - the same way that is done with the Mishnayos (NOTE: For those who haven't read my other blogs that I wrote today, scroll down where I translated parts of it, especially the Toros that begin the letters of the name MOSHE).

rosh chodesh party

welcoming the shabbos queen.

Hilchos Chodosh in the Chodesh

A lot for one day, but there is a significant Gematria here that will be the glue for what I am about to present here - pertaining to Alef Shevat. Alef - the number 1, and Shevat which is 311, which is 1+311=312, the Gematria of Chodesh (without the Vov, which is how it is spelled in the Torah). As brought down in Chasidishe sources, Rosh Chodesh Shevat (1 Shevat) is the Rosh Hashana of learning Torah She'B'Al Peh, as Moshe Rabbeinu began the content of Sefer Devorim, also called Mishna Torah (which is the name that the Rambam gave to his Halachic work consisting exactly of 1,000 chapters - an enlargement of the Mishna which is the foundation of Torah She'B'Al Peh) on this very date, and this Sefer is compared to Torah She'B'Al Peh - the same way that it is transmitted from the Rav to the Talmid orally (as it was in the old days). Chazal tell us that the words of Torah should be considered as NEW to us EVERY DAY.

Good reason for me to be enlarging the above words. There is what is called Hilchos Rosh Chodesh - Laws of the NEW Moon, and then there is what is called Hilchos Chodosh - Laws of the NEW grain. Yes, that Mitzva. According to the Torah, it is forbidden to eat of the new grain that grows since the Omer - the barley offering (with its accompanying Korbonos) brought on 16 Nissan, until the Omer is brought that coming year. In any case, both the words Chodesh & Chodosh are spelled the same way - the only difference are the Nekudos.

Over a year ago, I discovered something fantastic pertaining to Likutei Halachos. Unlike the LH on Rosh Chodesh which is rather quite lengthy (don't mind that, I am a Rosh Chodesh baby), his LH on Chodosh is relatively much shorter. What does this mean? There has to be some intrinsic connection between Chodesh & Chodosh, which is in fact somehow pointed out in LH of Hilchos Chodosh. So, I thought of an idea last year - learn a portion of this EVERY DAY to be completed every month! Got too busy at one point, but Bli Neder, I hope to shortly learn at least the beginning of it today before the end of the day (it's almost Shekiah), once again. I had in mind to translate this at one point, but now with, it will make it much easier. Don't have much time left, but I hope that on Tu B'Shevat, which is the birthday of Rebbe Nosson, author of Likutei Halachos, I will be able to begin translating Hilchos Chodosh (in Yoreh Deah), which I will post here B'Ezras Hashem. Meanwhile, you can start your own Seder in this - if you learn an approximate even amount of it every day, you can learn a small amount which you will be able to complete in one month. Speaking of which - the Shir CHODOSH - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Likutei Moharan learning beginning with Tzadi

NOTE: See my blog in order of reading (entitled L'iluyei Nishmas...) as to the significance of learning the following, especially for Rosh Chodesh Shevat, Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover ZTVK"L. This blog will be the learning that begins with the letter Tzadi, the letter that represents Chodesh Shevat.


Tzarich L'Hisyarei: One needs to be afraid and dreadful of honor, for honor is a great danger, endangerment of life, for it judges all the judgements, as it's written "King of Honor" (Tehillim 24), for honor is the aspect of Malchus, for it judges all. Thus, everyone searches and asks "Who is this king of honor" if he is worthy of this. This is what is written "Will be sanctified through My Honor" (Shemos 29) "Don't read this as interpreting this as "Through My honor" but "Through my honored ones" (Zechachim 115b), for by honor, one can cause death, Chas V'Shalom. Thus, one is weighed on the scales (of judgment), if Chas V'Shalom, one blemishes the Honor even as little as a hairsbreadth, so that it shouldn't receive it as needed, then, Chas V'Shalom, the scales of guilt win out. This is what is called "Scales of justice (Vayikra 19), for justice is the Holy Kingdom, which is the aspect of honor, King of Honor, as mentioned above.
This is the meaning of "scales of justice", for then he is weighed on the scales (May Hashem help him/her for the sake of His name, Amen) (Part 1:131)

Good Chodesh! Good Nanach!

B"H as SM already pointed out this month - Shevat, is represented by the letter צ which is the Tzadik. Shevat is also a terminology for Tfila (see Likutay Halachos C"M) because Tfila is the staff of the Tzadik and the 12 shivatim are the 12 paths of Tfila. Also the permutation of Hashem's name for this month alludes to tmuros - the switching - which only the Tzadik sees beyond them and overcomes them.
My father told me that it is not uncommon for the sefer Or Gedalyahu by R' Gedalya Schorr to quote Likutay Moharan, and he does so regarding the inyan of Rosh Chodesh, and thus my father had (once again) the merit of quoting a Likutay Moharan in one of his shiurim.

Likutei Moharan Learning Beginning with Alef

NOTE: See my next blog in order of reading as to the significance of learning the following, especially for Rosh Chodesh Shevat - Alef Shevat, Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Breslover ZTVK"L.


Eesah BaGemara: See in the Gemara - (Rabbi Nechunya Ben HaKana was asked) "In what merit did you live a long life?" The rabbi answered "I was easy going with my money". (Megillah 28a)

To explain this, we need to know what it says in the Zohar HaKadosh (Naso 123):

"Come and see: Each one of the six days of Creation has a replica of the spiritual level that leads it, and you don't find any day that does not have good in it..."

"Each day has its outside fence so that not anyone can just come in for the good that it contains; for example, anyone who consists of darkness that covers the light..."

"Because of this, one who is wicked while wishing to know the secrets of the Torah, will have his thoughts confused by angels of destruction who are called darkness and thick clouds, snakes and scorpions, who are called wild beasts of the field, in order to prevent this wicked person from entering a place where he does not belong."

"However, for one who is good, all of these angels protect him, as these prosecuting angels become his advocates, and they themselves bring him to the Hidden Good and say to Him: "Our Master, here is a person who is good, righteous and fearing of Heaven, and he wishes to enter in Your Presence"..."

"That Hidden Good will say to them: "Open up for him the gate that is called love" or "Open up for him the gate that is repentance." Every righteous person will enter a particular area according to his spiritual level."

There is no good but Torah (Avoda Zara 19b). When one wants to be immersed and think in Torah, meaning in the secrets of the Torah, there are "snakes and scorpions" that confuse his thoughts - these are the thoughts that come to a person. When a person wants and desires spirituality very much, and Hashem opens up the way for him, as mentioned in this piece of Zohar, then every day is by him very great, for he sees and comprehends the hidden goodness, meaning the secrets of the Torah that is connected with that particular day.

This is what the Tana asked: "In what merit did you live a long life?" Meaning, in what particular characteristic did you enter the hidden goodness, by which you lengthened your days that they should be great (as mentioned above). The rabbi answered him "I was easy going with my money". This was the characteristic of Avraham Avinu, and it is the gate that is called Love, which is the right side. As stated in Tikunei Zohar (Tikun 70): "From the right side is the white part of the brain like money". Meaning, that all of the accusers and "snakes and scorpions", meaning, the foreign thoughts that confuse one's mind, become white like money. And so it says regarding Avraham (Bereishis 24) "Now Avraham was old, well on in years" (NOTE: This is part of a Posuk that is a Minhag to say on Rosh Chodesh immediately following Hallel), meaning that all of his days were complete and great, for the right side is the white part of the brain that is like money, and the accuser becomes the defender, and Avraham was able to come every day to the hidden goodness that he was connected with. (Part 1:84)

L'iluyei Nishmas HaRav Moshe Ben Yosef (Rabbi Moshe Breslover ZTVK"L)

It's noteworthy to learn in his memory, the learning of Likutei Moharan beginning with the letters of his name Moshe as compiled in the Sefer Ner LaTzadik that he himself compiled consisting of teachings of LM that start with one or another of the Alef Beis. This is the same way that we learn Mishnayos in memory of someone based on the letters of the Niftar's name. (You can also have in mind the Maharam Shik (a Poseik in Europe, was Niftar in 5639/1899), who has the same name Moshe Ben Yosef, whose Yahrzeit is also Rosh Chodesh Shevat!)

In Kaballah, each month as well as each day of the week has its corresponding letter. The remaining letters are Alef, Mem, Shin. Well, it's easy to use the Mem & Shin for the name Moshe, and since Alef is the date of the month of the Ba'al Hilula, the teaching for the Alef will be in an accompanying blog, as well as for the letter Tzadi that represents Chodesh Shevat. For the letters of the seven days of the week - Beis Gimel Daled Kof Pei Reish Tov - I translated the teachings beginning with these letters last year for the seven weeks of the Sefira. You can refer to the other teachings for the months that I translated in this past year - Hei Vov Zayin Cheis Teis Yud Lamed Noon Samech Ayin Tzadi Koof (corresponding to the months Nissan through Adar, respectively).

For those who have yet to have possession of this booklet, and you want to recite the physical words in Hebrew - no problem. I will have the source for each section in the Likutei Moharan that you should have with you wherever you travel; and even if you had only had a chance to see this after Rosh Chodesh is over, it's never too late to learn something in someone's memory - but the ultimate way of memoralizing someone is to follow the teachings of what you learn, which is ultimately the learning of Torah L'Shmah.


Me'Inyan Amiras Tehillim: Regarding saying Tehillim, Rabbeinu told someone that the main thing about it is saying each Mizmor of Tehillim for oneself, that is, finding oneself in each and every Mizmor. The guy asked Rabbeinu as to how one does this. Rabbeinu explained to him a little bit: For in the psalms in which Dovid HaMelech A'H sought that Hashem Yisborach should save him from the wars, accordingly, everyone needs to interpret this pertaining to oneself as the war of the Yetzer Hora and his army. This same method applies with the other psalms for whatever particular situation that they are talking about. The guy in turn asked Rabbeinu as to how one is supposed to interpret for oneself the verses in which Dovid HaMelech A'H praises himself, such as "Guard my soul for I am pious" (Tehillim 86), and other similar phrases. Rabbeinu answered him back: One needs to interpret this also for oneself, for one needs to judge oneself favorably and find within oneself some merit and good point. This good point is the aspect of being pious/Chosid, and similarly in other situations. Rabbeinu continued illustrating this: About King Yehoshaphat, it's written "He lifted his heart in Hashem's ways" (Divrei HaYomim II 17), for in Hashem Yisborach's ways and Avoda, Yehoshaphat lifted his heart a little bit. Rabbeinu then pointed something similar in our Tefillos: Don't we first say in the morning "What are we, what are our lives" etc. where we belittle ourselves very much? But afterwards we say: "BUT we your nation the sons of your Bris" etc., for afterwards we strengthen and lift ourselves, and we recount our greatness and elaborate that we are His nation the sons of his Bris, the seed of Avraham, Yitzchok & Yaakov etc., for this is how we need to conduct ourselves in Avodas Hashem as mentioned above. Check out what it says in Likutei Moharan 1:282, on the Posuk "I will sing to my G-d while I exist. (Part 2:125 - the very last Torah in Likutei Moharan!)


Shir Mizmor Lamenatzeiach - (I think this is quoting from the beginning Posuk of Tehillim 88). The Gemara interprets this as "Sing to the One that we have victory over and He is happy" (Pesachim 119). For when one speaks in front of HaKadosh Baruch Hu and details his speech with conplaints and requests, in essence he/she wants to conquer Him so to speak, while Hashem Yisborach has pleasure from this. Therefore, He sends words to the one praying to Him in order that he can conquer Him so to speak, in order for Hashem to receive pleasure. For without this, certainly it would be impossible for one of flesh and blood to conquer HaKadosh Baruch Hu, but Hashem Yisborach himself sends and prepares words and complaints for the one praying to conquer Him as mentioned above. (Part 1:124)


HaNosein Tzedaka: One who gives Tzedaka is saved from Aveiros. For anyone who has mercy on Hashem's creatures, Heaven has mercy on him/her (Shabbos 151b), while it is forbidden to have mercy on one who has no knowledge (Berachos 33). And since Heaven has mercy on him, it has to be that Heaven gives him knowledge, and thus such a person is saved from coming into the clutches of sin, for one does not sin unless a spirit of foolishness has entered him/her (Sotah 3), but when one has knowledge, he/she is saved from Aveiros. Amen, So may it be His will (Part 1:116)

NOTE: For learning Mishnayos L'Zecher Nishmas Moshe Ben Yosef - most meaningful Perakim are Avos 1 (Mem), Yoma 6 (Shin), Sotah 1 (Hei), as all three mention Moshe's name within the particular Perek, starting with Avos 1 which immediately begins with the name Moshe, and Sota 1 also mentions Yosef's name which is the name of the Niftarim's fathers.

nanach toronto 2009-winter -20!!!!!!

Stick with Sabba!

The Prophet Hoshaya writes (5:18) סר סבאם הזנה הזנו וכו' - their סבא
has left them they have strayed into immorality!!! Thank G-d we have

Desire Rabbi Nachman in Nissan and Nussun

Previously on SM wrote about how מוהר"ן 'Our Master and
Teacher Rabbi Nachman' has the numercial value of 301, and we pointed
out that Rabbi Nachman himself once said that the word כסף – 'money'
if spelled out – כף סמך פא – has the numercial value of 301. Just now
I found a Rash"i in the Prophet Hoshaya (3:2) that states כסף has the
numerical value of ניסן! (B"H this is coming from Rash"i, because it
means you must spell ניסן without the Yud. This opens new doors and
avenues of understanding, because ס is interchangeable with ת, this
would make ניסן – נסן – נתן! Rabbi Nussun!!!!). ניסן is the birthday
of מוהר"ן and is also ראש השנה (as Rabbainu says explicitly in Likutay
Moharan end of Tora 49 which discusses the שיר פשוט כפול שלוש מרובע)
which is the whole aspect of Rabbainu!

Nanach is the rectification of Nevuchadnetzar

The Talmud in Chalek (the tenth chapter of Tractate Sanhedrin) says
that נבוכדנצר was capable of singing to Hashem praises that would make
the Psalms pale in comparison. This is a sign that his soul had very
deep roots, and the deeper one's roots the greater is the depths the
soul must subjugate and conquer for the good, but obviously he was not
successful (if I recall correctly the sefer Nefesh Hachaim by R. Chaim
Volozhin discusses this, or it may be brought up as a question to what
he writes, it is something I discuss in my unpublished commentary to
his work, Simchas Hachaim). What he needed was the ultimate power of
conquering and reversing even the most evil to good – Rabbainu Na Nach
Nachmu Nachman MayUman.
Very often נבוכדנצר is called נבוכדראצר – we can break up this name
to find it's roots - נבוך דראצר – confused of retzar – retzar has the
numerical value 491 which is that of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman.
נבוכדראצר just couldn't figure out the powerful secret that he so
desperately needed - נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן!

Nanach! The guts to be holy!

In Parshas VuAira there is a verse (6:19) ועתה שלח העז את מקנך Rash"i
says that the word העז means to gather, 'now send out and gather your
herds' this is an amazing application of the word which usually means
strength and more particularly brazeness. This is very well understood
by the teachings of Rabbainu, as we find by Yosef, אסף ה' את חרפתי,
'Hashem gathered my disgrace' in order for one to overcome and rectify
disgrace one needs עזות דקדושה 'holy brazeness', so we see that עזות
is means of gathering.
Guile brazeness is called עזות מצח if we add a yud, which signifies
the flux of the Ain Sof B"H (the Non Limited one Blessed He) [this is
something done by the Besht in one of his letters – כל רב בבל ורבי
בא"י כי ר' זה חכמה, ראשית חכמה, וב' זה בינה, אבל זה בלי נבעיות, וכאשר
מוסיפין יו'ד וכו' – זה אינו לשונו ממש אבל קצת קרוב כפי מה שאני זוכר)]
then we get עזות נצח the holy brawn of the נחמן (gimatria Netzach).
The word בעזות with the letters and inclusive have the numerical value
נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן!

Get out of the slavery! Be Nanach!

Our sages taught that the tribe of the Levi didn't have to work for
the Egyptians. It is interesting to note that we don't find any
mention of people trying to pretend to be of the Leviites then (only
later, when there was great honor and power involved to we find things
like this happening, like with Korach). Wouldn't it be a very simple
effective way to avoid the slavery?
This is further evidence to peoples great misconception of what the
slavery of Egypt was. People think that it was about manual labor and
the like. The Zohar says that the slavery was about learning the
Talmud ויעבידו אותם בחומר ובלבנים, בחומר זו קל וחומר, ובלבנים זו
ליבון סוגיות – 'the Egyptions enslaved them with mortar and brick,
mortar is Kal Vichomar (logical reasoning and proof) and bricks are
the clarification of logical discussions. The tribe of Levi was not
enslaved to this labor of figuring out the problems of the things that
are wrong and evil, they dedicated themselves to pursuing just the
pure and holy, praying to G-d and studying His ways of Pure Holiness.
To be a Levi meant that one had full and active belief that God is one
and everything. The Levi would not work, he believed that God provides
sustenance so working would be insanity. Therefore it is easy to
understand that although everyone had the option of leaving the
slavery by joining the tribe of Levi, no one did so, because they were
trapped in the slavery of their own ideology grappling with wrong and
evil and couldn't free themselves as the tribe of Levi.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Music

B"H there are now 4 more privately recorded kumzitzs of R' Shlomo Carlbach available on the music site (link and/or button on the right side).
Also B"H this morning I was blessed with 10 new songs, maybe they will interest someone out there - they are available on the music site. Here are the direct links:
enjoy Nanach!

nanaj concert ,toronto january 24.09

nanaj concert ,toronto january 24.09


today 12pm eastern time


phone 416-785-0680

uzi nanaj

SABA ס'ב'א

The Saba Rabbi Yisroel Dov mamash saved the whole world from the Sitra Achra ('the other side'), that is one of the reasons he earned the nickname Saba, because Sitra Achra is usually spelled ס"א, and Sabba built his house ב – בית in the middle, tearing it apart ס'ב'א!!!!


Petek in real size!

Thanks to to Ezra Amichai for the picture.

Shovavim - Yom Kippur Kattan

Yes, indeed. Shovavim is the same Gematria as Rebbe Nachman (360)! The connection between the two is quite obvious; if there is any practical difference, it's that Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun HaKelali works throughout the year, not just during the time of Shovavim.

Well, this week I picked up a Sefer on the topic of Shovavim, as well as topics on Teshuva & Avodas Hashem - basically quotes mostly from various Chasidic Rebbes. Included in this are
statements from Rebbe Nachman from Likutei Moharan 2:73, which I will now quote. It is true that a couple of weeks ago, I wrote something similar; but as Chazal tell us that when we come across a particular subject mentioned in the Torah more than once, the additional mention comes to teach something new. Thus, especially in light of the fact that this Erev Rosh Chodesh will be the only Yom Kippur Kattan in this year's Shovavim period, it's most appropriate to mention the following:


"For there are 50 gates of Teshuva. A person can enter and attain 49 of these gates, but the 50th gate is the aspect of Teshuva of Hashem Himself so to speak. For also with regard to the Blessed One do we find an aspect of Teshuva Returning), as it's written "Return to me, and I will return to you"."

"Now these 49 gates of Teshuva are the aspect of the 49 letters that are in the names of the 12 Shevatim -"Shivtei Kah", for each and every gate has its corresponding letter of the 49 letters of the Shevatim, and behold everyone wants to "fear Your Name". Nevertheless, not everyone merits to do Teshuva. For as we see that there are those who have absolutely no arousal for Teshuva; and even one who has an arousal for Teshuva does not necessarily merit to reach the letter and the gate of Teshuva that relates to him; and even if he finally reaches there, it can happen that the gate of Teshuva is closed. Thus, as a result, a person may not merit Teshuva."

"The Solution: Saying Tehillim even when one has absolutely no arousal for Teshuva, stirring oneself to do Teshuva, and also merits as a result of saying Tehillim to reach the particular gate and letter that one is related to and open the gate. And all this - one merits as a result of Tehillim. This is hinted in the first Posuk of Sefer Shemos in the last letters of the first 10 words spelling the letters Tehillim & Teshuva respectively. The fact that one merits Teshuva through Tehillim is the aspect of "The names of Bnei Yisroel who came to Mitzrayim", for the 49 gates of Teshuva are the aspect of the 49 letters that are in the names of Bnei Yisroel (Yaakov's children) who came to Mitzrayim to be purified there."


"One who wants to merit Teshuva, should regularly say Tehillim, for saying Tehillim is a Segula for Teshuva. This is illustrated by Chazal (Avoda Zara 4b): Dovid HaMelech was not worthy of sinning in relationship of the incident involving his wife Bas-Sheva. It happened only in order to instruct Teshuva for an individual, etc. Dovid HaMelech's main Teshuva was his composition Sefer Tehillim which he said with great arousal and Ruach HaKodesh".

P.S. Off to a great start this week. Note the time of this posting 2:01 AM. Indeed, this week's Parsha is Bo - which is Beis (2) & Alef (1)!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Introduction to Na Nach

Needs more work but here is what we have now...

What is Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Me-Uman?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Check Out Israel Nanach site:

Just checked out the Isreal site, WOW !!! some amazing hafatzah videos posted of soldiers dancing Na Nach Gevallt!!!

Nanach Kidush in Monsey

Chaim D. invites all the Nanach to a kidush this Shabos in honor of the birth of his daughter. B"H the kidush will be in the Klien's shul.
Mazal Tov!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!!!


Thursday Night: Mad Nanach Chulent Party 9:00 PM
Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Mariv 4:35 PM
The Na Nach Tish: The Pure Clean Table of the Nanach Hasidim will
be led by the Famous Nunver Rebbeh
Shabbos Afternoon Mincha: 4:25 PM
Seudah Shlishit and Mariv after Mincha
Melaveh Malkah 8:30 PM Wild Nanach dance party, bring your instruments.

The English Version

Zu Dei Hamisha Oulom - Rak Na Nach !!!!!

This is How to Nanach

Nanach Swipe Calgary, Alberta

Chanukah - Calgary, Alberta Na Nach

Nanach care package from Eitan: The New Outreach Project, arrives in Toronto!!!

Givald! Givald! Givald!
Just recieved a box full of holy Nanach material from Tzfas! It says on it that it's just a sample! B"H we have what to look forward to.
The box has a bunch of Nanach Tikun Haklali's two types each with Saba and the Petek; one with Azamra and Ayay with a Tfila, and one with words about Nanach and words from Saba and a Tfila, little booklets of Saba's writings and words also with Tikun Haklali, beautiful glossy illustrated booklets of the story of the Lost Princess, 4 ENGLISH 'The Tales of Rabbi Nachman'!, stickers of the Petek, a disc which I didn't check out yet but it says it has Nanach hafatza in Gaza, and more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessed is Hashem who gave us Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!
Thanks to The New Outreach Project, and Eitan, and all the mayfitzim, and all of Israel.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now's the time to free Jonathan Pollard

Gillad Shalit is not back, neither is Rabbi Nachman's grave but we can still call on our leaders to let Mr Pollard out of prison before 2015 (the sooner, the better!). We want to pray with him, study with himand celebrate simchas with him. He has a right to be free and we have a right to stop being deprived of our brother. He has served a long enough time, for what amounts to a political crime- since what was a crime yesterday could be a mitsvah today in politics. I suggest anyone interested in freeing "the princess' learn both sides of the arguement and be in contact with me.

2 Billion Dollars of Damage in Gaza

Somewhere someone wrote that the Israelis did 2 billion dollars of damage in Gaza.
Do you have any idea how much Nanach could be done with 2 billion dollars?!

the viceroy--the lost princess

when the viceroy was looking to the lost princess, he was studing likutei moharan

Gilgul Sheleg Nanach

This is a picture of Gilgul Sheleg Nanach sporting a Black Nanach beannie.
Gilgul Sheleg Nanach melted Al Kidush Hashem and brought great warmth into Toronto and the whole world. May his memory be a blessing!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Chanuka in Toronto

i can sing

"i can sing to all the world, i can conquer the whole world here". saba conversation

i can sing to all the world, na nach nachma nachman meuman

Yeshiva in Plainfield N.J. Wants Nanach Chizuk

Anyone who has kind words of Nanach for the desperate yeshiva bochurim of Plainfield N.J. is urged to call them: (908) 753-2602. B"H they already have some music and a little Nanach but they are starving for more.
There are also other Yeshivas in CT that need critical Nanach aid (they all do, but these are more aware of it) Stamford and Waterburry, anyone who can assist it is urged to rush to this big mitzva!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

motzei shabbos toronto nanach/jam chassidic party

next motzei shabbos, jan 24, 8.30pm eastern time we'll have the first nanach jam chassidic improv at the deleon white gallery
1139 college, toronto,
all invited!!!
uzi nanaj

MAZAL TOV Chaim D. for New Baby Girl!

Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov!
A Sach Yidishe Nanach!!!

nanach toronto

slowly we are bilding the nanach toronto stiebel,
with simcha, aaron, eran, israel, dan (great cello player),uzi

shin shin mem sings the praise of God

NaNach snowboarding 2 with shlomo

the boy on the right behind the ski rental booth said NaNach with co-ach is jewish,as he explained to us that he used to go to Temple so we told him about NaNach,he said NaNach before he even knew what NaNach is, mamash the concept of Na-aseh Vi-nishma NaNach yo!

More Shlomo Carlbach!

B"H we have uploaded a few more private Kumzitzs of R' Shlomo Carlbach, available for free, along with alot of other great stuff, at the music site (button and/or link on the right side). The newly uploaded ones are mostly songs but also have stories and Tora's.
Enjoy Nanach!

NANACH.NET commercial

B"H thanks to everyone's help the new NANACH.NET commercial is enjoying apx. 32,ooo registered hits (4500 views on youtube itself and the rest from the 5 most active external links) and way over a dozen honors (like in the categories of most viewed, discussed, responded etc.). Evidence that it is getting out there are various friend requests we're getting from people who want to further their own channels.
Keep up the good work!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Nekudos Tovos - Beautiful Nanach Sforim

There is a guy in Beis Shemesh that publishes the holy books of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman, under the name: Nekudos Tovos. Amongst other things he has a large Likutay Moharan, leather bound, Chayay Moharan with inclusion of the censored items and additional unpublished material (a must!), a beautiful Tehilim, Ebay Hanachal with copies of the original hand written letters and with many unpublished letters, the Breslov siddur compiled some 100 years ago which has everything from Rabbainu and Rabbi Nussun referenced and often quoted in full, full sized glossy picture book of the Saba, and more.
To get a hold of these beautiful sforim:

Nekudos Tovos in Beit Shemesh: 02 999 5063. 0545503546. 0528325207

In Yerushalayim:
shmuel gayzee, 50 Malchay Yisroel (home not store): 02 537 5689 050 419 1502

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rabbi Nachman addresses a problem with the Leaders of the Generation

Rabbi Nussun writes (in Likutay Halachos C"M and Chayay Moharan 571) I heard from Our Master and Our Teacher that there is a cage that many of the leaders of the generation have been trapped in, and it is therefor that sometimes they pray properly in the fashion of the great ones, and also do a great good, and even still sometimes they do the opposite c"v. This is brought about by a certain nation that trapped and conquered the country etc.. But now because a lot of Israelites dwell by them it isn't as bad as it used to be, Hashem should protect us etc..

The importance of the Nanach swipe

Sometimes a person is unable to speak, in such circumastances he must use his hands to sign Nanach with the Nanach swipe. This is something that can be learned from Likutay Halachos (Choshen Mishpat, the laws of collecting debts from orphans 3:9) Rabbi Nussun explains that this was the case in the war Moshe and Yehoshua led against Amalaik Y"S who brought an overwhelming contamination which prevented Moshe Rabbainu from being able to express himself verbally and explain to the Israelites they must subject their hearts to G-d, thus he was left with the only alternative to raise his hands to Hashem so that the Israelites should follow suit.

Rabbis Of Falsehood

In the Hebrew we just published a parable that Rabbi Nachman gave to explain the Rabbis of Falsehood, the point being that after seeing all the honor bestowed upon them and not seeing any new or hidden conception of G-d and His Tora, they come to the conclusion that it must be that there is no higher perception attained by any of our sages heaven forbid. It's a really cool parable, check it out(you can probably get by with the help of google translate).
It is interesting to note that Rabbi Nachman concluded the idea by stating that with their conclusion they violate the Belief in Our Sages. One would think that there are alot worse consequences of having deluded rabbis, both for themselves and their followers, but Rabbi Nachman seems to think that the worst aspect is their belittlement and rejection of the supremacy of Our Sages!

Monday, January 19, 2009

German Media Coverage of NaNach!

B"H last week we posted a video from youtube of Nanach hafatza on the warfront ( The video was posted on the youtube by 'Rauskucker' which means a person who sits on a very high place and looks out into the world - so I got to speaking to him, and much of our conversation can be found in the comments to that video. Part of our discussion was about his profile name and I showed him that it was a very similar concept to that discussed by Zalman Shazar (late President of Israel) on the 200 shekel, and translated and discussed by sometime last December ( Rauskucker found these words, as we did, to be extremely remarkable, and you can find them now on his homepage on the youtube!
Another great development from my conversation with Rauskucker was finding the where-a-bouts of the German media coverage of Nanach. Some of you might recall a couple of months ago a team of German journalists preparing a video and presentation on Nanach, and then we never heard from them again. Well Rauskucker had not only read and seen the presentation he documented it on his homepage, and he was so kind as to share this information with me! It's mamash Givald! Givald!
So here are the links, it's two articles and video. If you go to Google translate and paste the URL into the translate box, and set the languages to German - English, they will translate the whole page for you (the first article very well - except for the fact that they also translate Na Nach as Na after, because Nach is German for after, as is Nuch a Na Nach (another NaNach!), the second article which is a much much better one doesn't get translated as well, but it's good enough to understand what is being said).
The video narration is mostly built on the second article.


video: WARNING!!! The beginning of this video has immodest women in it - WARNING!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scream To Hashem with all you got: The most important lesson of these weeks Parshiyos

The most fundamental lesson of the Parshiyos (weekly Tora portions) we are reading is that we must scream to Hashem with everything we have, from the deepest recesses of our hearts, and scream and scream that he should break us out of the exile and klipa! Rabbi Nachman of Breslov stressed this and reiterated this, we must take the custom and practice of our forefathers and call out to Hashem in every way possible - especially with the Nanach swipe!
B"H more people will elaborate on this, we need people to start doing the 70 kolos screams of the pregnant women, so that we can be reborn into the Purity and Holiness of the True followers of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Nanach achdus and activity!

B"H last week was incredible hamtakus hadinim (sweetening of judgment), there was so much accomplished, unbelievable. It's too much to give a run down here, but thing are just progressing B"H, so B"H you will be hearing about them!

B"H last week Yosef Saban and I had a great video chat!
B"H there is alot more getting together of the Nanach, especially with great blessings to our Rockymountain Nanach blitzing with posts and videos and all types of other stuff, and AYGS and Shlomo rolling out the videos and other hafatza!
Sabanoon Productions (with Yosef, Gidalya, and Shany) rocking the house with more amazing videos!
Great post by our Gematria man SM about the succession of the holy names Nachman Nussun and Sabba in Shaymos Hatzadikim.
Great videos from our Dear Israeli Nanach Brothers! With another great video from a new friend of the Nanach from Germany!
Special thanks to our webmaster for keeping everything together and continually pumping out new stuff and inovations.
Also thanks to Yakov from Montreal who's put alot of work and time to keep the site organized.
There are some other people that deserve mention but I really got to go, so I hope they'll forgive me and lash out with some more Nanach!

Keep up the good work!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Toronto children buy the Saba Petek cards with their candies!

B"H the children of Toronto showed great self sacrifice, as aspect of ובכל מאודך! They used bags of candy to convince me to give them the holy cards that show Saba on one side and the Petek on the other.
B"H one mitzva leads to another, this motzay shabos Yisroel Gottlieb got together with me for the first time in Toronto (great self sacrifice on all our accounts because of miny snow storm here), and I served him the candy.
We discussed and planned strategies of how we can be zoche to be part of Rabbainu's world conquest.

NANACH.NET commercial has 23 Honors!!!!

B"H never saw anything like it!
Keep hitting up on Nanach!

German Media coverage of Nanach

A few months ago a German Television station did a video on Nanach hafatza and we never got ahold of it. Recently someone from Germany posted on the youtube a video of the Nanach hafatza on the Gaza warfront, so I got to chatting with him and he mentioned that he had seen two videos on TV that covered 'Bratzlav' so I asked him how I could get a hold of the videos, here's the instructions he gave me:

Visit my HP, go to "Themenarchiv", look for "Religion", take 2008/10/16 and the next one. One of the links has a video. Maybe not possible to watch from overseas

If anyone can figure this out, please do so asap!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shemos HaTzadikim

In appropo to my last week's blog about the corelationship of Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum in relationship to Rabbeinu, the Moharanat, & Saba - the introductory piece preceding the main text of Likutei Moharan - the part about Rashbi, begins with the phrase (quoted from Tehillim 46:9) Lechu Chazu Mifalos Hashem - "Go and see the works of Hashem". While it does not quote the second half of the Posuk, perhaps it's the second half of the Posuk that is the main part here - Asher Sohm Shamos B'Aretz, as the Gemara says, "Do not read it as Shamos/devastation but rather as Shemos/names". This also happens in the Gemara when at times it quotes part of a Posuk, but the reason for bringing the Posuk is for the second half of it which is not quoted. As this introductory piece speaks about Rashbi, and how his name is hinted in the Torah, it seems that indeed it is this second half of the Posuk as it relates to names that is the point over here. With this said, since Shemos are the Roshei Teivos of Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum, I had mentioned last week that in terms of Breslov, this refers to Rabbeinu - whose magnum opus is the Likutei Moharan, the Moharanat, & Saba.

If you read through the Shemos HaTzadikim in the part of the Tanaim & Amoraim as listed in order of the Alef Beis - you will find a very striking thing. You have a list of rabbis named Rav Nachman, then very shortly afterwards are a list of rabbis named Rav Nosson, and then right away starts the Samech list - and the very first rabbi is called Sovo/Sava which is in effect the word or the same letters as Saba!

every YEHUDI is a Nanach

I believe this. Is there anyone out there that can figure out ways to proove this? I'll get back (b.n.) with my own suggestions.

Capturing Gaza

Na Nach at Gaza Border

Free Hafatza Table

Free Na Nach Propaganda Available at the Center

Hafatza Storage Cabinet at Na Nach Center

Sefri Rabbanue and Nanach propaganda and accessories for sale at the Na Nach Center

Entrance to the Na Nach Center

Stairs leading up to the Na Nach Center of Tzfat

Ner Tomid at Na Nach Center

Ner Tomid in honor of Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Signs on the Na Nach Center

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nanach blessing to AAH Nanach in Israel!

B"H Alexander the Great Nanach has went to the Holy Land to spread the Great Holy Light of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman especially among the soldiers. May the Lord grant him great success.

B"H an incredible week especially for the new NANACH.NET commercial!

B"H in 4 days we've hit up the commercial to over a dozen honors (from the most viewed, top rated, favorited, discussed, and responded!!!) and maybe even 23,000 hits (according to the insight, on the regular screen it only comes out to 18,000).
B"H alot of other Nanach videos, like the Na Nach Swipe have also recieved many honors (10!) this week.
B"H every Nanach completely changes and renews the entire universe in the Goodnes of God!!!!!!

Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Tikkun Mem Ches


Tikkun Mem Ches (48) in the Tikkunay Zohar

A Wonderous Segulah to rectify oneself and to rectify Nefesh Ruach and Neshama. Culled from the Holy ARIZALs works to be said every day after prayers. Tikun Mem Ches from the Tikunei Zohar has the Segulah to bring that which is precious and holy out of what has fallen into spiritual darkness and to rectify the sins related to the Bris Kodesh. Whomever says it will be worthy of many wonderous things relating to body and soul.

Especially useful for Shovavim

Tikkun Klali Tracks

Just in time for Shovavim

The Tikkun Klali by Erez Yechiel

Can now be downloaded on the Na Nach Music Site

Upgraded Music Site

The NaNach.Net music site has now been upgraded to the Gold package thanks to AYGS.

No more banner adds
Ability to deep link to folders
Ability to embed files
Direct downloads
Double the storage space.

New NANACH.NET commercial still on the rise!

B"H as we close the third day since we revealed the new NANACH.NET commercial it has recieved apx. 16,000 registered hits and many honors of all sorts!
Keep pumping out the Nanach!!!

na nachs at the gaza border

Nanach Hafatza In Israel - Soldiers of Nanach!

B"H our dear Israeli Nanach are very very busy saving the world, the fish, and the soldiers - to see footage of some of their operations visit our Hebrew - there's a link on the right side.

Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now's the time to bring RABBENU

I don't recommend going to UMAN this year unless you want to contribute be kiddush Hashem with your mortal vessel. Two Haverim have died at the kever as a divine war-ning. I hope bringing the kever WILL NOT require a sacrifice of much greater MAGNITUDE this year- and will only cost a little mamon at most. For those of you who don't realize it the political situation for Israelis and Jews has changed enormously in just 20 days not to mention what is going to happen after Hussein's swearing-in sere-money. In French we say "l'argent n'a qu'un oeil". If you love Rabbenu this is the last "peaceful" chance to bring him home- but he will be home- !



Best Method

Go to:

when you go there - press the "play all" and it will play around 20 times in a row without you having to do anything.

This can be combined with Sabanuns trick and can be done in 5 browser windows enabling you to play the clip 100 times with only 5 clicks. You can then turn off the volume and walk away from the computer.

Hit It Up Yo 200x 5 Sounds Great!!!!

New NANACH.NET commercial still skyrocketing!

Just two days ago we put up the new commercial and it has already recieved apx. 11,000 hits! Overout the day it saw 13 honors!
We need you to help hit it up - first of all by playing the video here until it stops - this will play 200 times and will take apx. 35 minutes. Also by visiting the video and commenting on it, clicking on 'favorite' and by rating it awesome by clicking on the star furthest right. Also by subscribing to the channel. In short what ever you can think of or imagine - do it! NNNNM!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tikkun Klali Stickers in Yershalim

Rumor has it that many neighborhoods in Yerushalim including the Rova and Geula were hit with over 100 Tikkun Klali stickers just in time for Shovavim.


Our new site


Now forwards to the NaNach.Net music site.

From now on you can just tell people that if they want to hear awesome Na Nach Music they should simply go to NaNachMusic.Com

The Craziness of Na Nach

It is very common to hear ignorant people refer to Nanachs as being crazy. In fact it is just the opposite and the person saying this is the one who is truly mad.

Rabbanue teaches us that each time you do a sin, it is only because a spirit of madness over takes you. Guess what, after each sin the residue of madness remains within the person until he has no control over himself at all. Obviously this only shows when he is fighting his lusts and bad traits. For as long as he is steeped in his lusts and bad traits both he and his spirits of madness are moving in the same direction. Therefore it looks like he is in control, for there is no opposition or anything fighting him. It is the opposite, the spirits of Madness are actually helping him, giving him more power. It might therefore seem to an outsider that he is in even more control.

Fortunate are we that we have these teachings from Rabbanue so we are not misled, fooled and sidetracked by seeing the everyday cases of 'Rash vtov lo' how the wicked seem to succeed.

Either way, the point of all this was just to say that most people that oppose Nanach and Rebbe Nachman fall into this category and they are the ones that are truly crazy.

However it is known that every lie has some truth, therefore even in these peoples words there must be some element of truth.

In the Sefer Tahars Hakodesh, Rebbe Aharon Rateh has a list of techniques that a person might use to ward off impure thoughts and temptations. One of the methods is to temporarily act insane. Rebbe Ahron Rateh then revels a great secret, that klipot of Tivas Niuf can only maintain a hold on a person as long as he possesses the spirit of a human. However when he acts insane they can no longer maintain their hold upon him. Rebbe Ahron Rateh then recommends doing some actions of insanity. Look it up in Taharas Hakodesh to see the whole piece. This is also part of the reason why King Dovid acted insane when he was stuck in the Land of Pelishtim.

In short the next time you are confronted by Hirrhurim / impure thoughts and have a difficulty getting rid of them, stand up and yell out in the most insane and crazy way you can...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

And watch the Klipot evaporate to nothingness.

Update: Sponsor Kemyas for the Soldiers

Avi wants to thank AAH for his donation. They went in the other day and got filmed on TV. The clip will be aired at 8:00 PM today on Israeli TV Channel 10. Keep the donations coming.

To Donate Kemayos, Sefri Rabbanue and Na Nach Kipot to strengthen our Soldiers fighting in Gaza please contact Avi Pretter at:

052-683-6470 (011-972-52-683-6470 from USA)

He has a credit card machine and can accept donations over the phone they are based on the Gaza border.

CRAZY MAD Party Thursday night!

Time and Place Start Time: Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time: Friday, January 16, 2009 at 2:00am
Street: 1052 6TH AVENUE (OFF OF 38TH STREET)
City/Town: Manhattan, NY
Contact Info Phone: 7188649928

Please be aware this event is for Kiruv - outreach - purposes!
B"H there will be some Nanach music and Nanach representation.

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Rabbanu Tom Tefillin

We thank Hashem for his great kindness of bestowing a pair of Rabbanue TomTefillin on the Na Nach Bais Medrash of Tzfat.

The Teffilin, now property of the Na Nach Bais Medrash will be kept in the Bais Medrash and will be available for use to all those that grace the Bais Medrash with their presents.

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another shin shin mem song

new Na Nach Graphic

A new Na Nach graphic. It is basically a rip off from a popular Israeli Shoe ad. Retrieving the sparks. If you are interested in printing it or in making stickers please contact me.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tikkun Chatzot

New!!! - Now Tikkun Chatzot can be downloaded from the Bris Kodesh Site

Tikkun Chatzot

Start Tonight

HISPALUT (bezcut Simcha Na Nach)

shin shin mem morning prayer

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Hachnasa Sefer Torah

Today the Na Nach Center received a Sefer Torah and it was welcomed in great joy, dancing and the singing of Na Nach.


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afterward: after about 2 years, with the video reaching well into the all time top 20 videos of -worldwide, all catigories- youtube, for most video responses, one gloomy day, of the nine days of mourning of the month of Av, youtube deleted the video.

Monday, January 12, 2009

200 years later...

On this date 17 Teves four years ago, I made Aliyah. That's nice, but what does this have to do with Nanach, you may ask? Well, it is true that there is first of all great emphasis in Breslov of living in Eretz Yisroel. In fact, I think the point is most strongly emphasized in Likutei Halachos Bircas HaPeiros. But when I made Aliyah, it was exactly 200 years since the passing of Rabbi Ya'akov Krantz, the Magid of Dubno. It's interesting that he was one of the few known as a "Magid" because it's also the name of the part of the Hagaddah that is the Mitzva of Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim, the event that happened through the FOUR expressions of Redemption. Yes, you must be thinking about the Shir Chadash - Pashut, Kaful, Meshulash, Rebua. And in a similar vein, Mohsayim - the word for the number 200 - is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman (491)! And one more thing, it's exactly a half year apart from 17 Tamuz - the date in the Petek HaGeula. Guess it's similar to the concept of Pesach & Sukkos being exactly six months apart. Pesach is the Gematria of Rabbeinu's name Nachman (148) & Rabbeinu was Niftar in the middle (and FOURTH) day of Sukkos.

P.S. Check out my blogspot for more fascinating concepts in Yiddishkeit/Halacha in relationship of the numbers 4 & 17 to Eretz Yisrael.