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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The year 1922 - תרפ"ב - translated into the Holy Books

In 1922 - תרפ"ב Saba got the Holy Petek, after breaking the fast of Tamuz. It's amazing that the Holy Sefer Chayay Moharan - the Life of Moharan, in the paragraph numbered תרפ"ב discusses a Petek that Rabbainu had which contained a formula to figure out which exact days his chasidim should fast on. This however many already know. The most amazing Chanuka miracle is that in the Shulchan Oruch, siman תרפ"ב, discusses על הניסים! - special thanks given to G-d for the wonderous miracles He did for us then and now! in particular it discusses whether one should conclude this special thanks with a request that G-d continue doing these miracles for us, or whether to just take it for granted that G-d is and will be doing them and thank Him! This is really all about the Petek - which of course was recieved by the holy shrine of Rabbi Meir Master of the Miracle - The Miracle of course THE miracle of course - The Holy Petek of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

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The villager said...

reich pey bet is 242 it is the sicha that relates to ayn ha ra the evil eye in both sichot of rabbi Nachman of Breslev and Rabbi Nachman of Uman. In the first it mentions the Shelayn fish and the second the"second petek"which has the shape of a hand or Hamsa. Of course the ashkenazi- sfardi conflict (amongst others)is also referred to!

1922 is the year that deals with the problem Ayn Ha Ra. Black vrs white, KKK etc...

Another proof that G-d has it all fine tuned- and that !!! THE SECOND PETEK IS AN ISSUE !!!