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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Introduction: Pertaining to my last blog about my revelation from Saba pertaining to finding the Sefer Hishtapchus HaNefesh in the garbage today, I'm going to post a piece of Hishtapchus HaNefesh that begins with the word Tanya. If I were still a Chabadnik today, I would be learning today in the Chabad Sefer called Tanya - the Shiur for 22 Kislev (as in a Shana Peshuta) that begins with the word Tanya in the beginning of its first chapter (in that context it quotes the Gemara in Maseches Nidda "Before a Neshama comes into this world, it's made to swear that it will be a Tzadik and not a Rasha, and even if the whole world tells you that you are a Tzadik, consider yourself as a Rasha"). In the Pesicha of Hishtaphchus HaNefesh, it quotes 20+ different sources pertaining to Tefilla. So in #6 of the Pesicha, it goes like this...(beginning translation is from Artscroll Gemara)

Tanya - It was taught in a Baraisa, Rabbi Yehuda said: This was the custom of Rabbi Akiva. When he would pray together with the congregation, etc., but when he would pray by himself, a person would leave him standing in this corner and find him upon the completion of his prayer in another corner. And why was he propelled to that extent? Because of the bowings and prostrations in which he engaged while praying. Rav Huna (the version in the Gemoro is Rav Hamnuna - I suspect that the name Huna in Hishtapchus HaNefesh is a printer's error) said: How many important laws can be learned from theses verses relating to Chana! "Now Chana, she...her lips moved" from here we derive that one who prays must pronounce the words with his lips, etc., and see there (Berachos 31a-b) the prayers that Chana prayed. And in the Midrash Shochar Tov on Sefer Shmuel, Chazal say on the Posuk, "When Chana increased praying to Hashem", from here we learn that whoever increases in prayers in answered.

Learned my Tanya of the day - the Tanya of prayer, the Tanya of hope, the Tanya that tells me that despite the many years I have struggled attempting to find a Shidduch, like Chana struggled with the reality of not having children for many years, the key to Shidduchim - at least for me - is one thing: Increased Tefilla! (and of course, the Sefer Hishtapchus HaNefesh - "Segula for the true Shidduch").

P.S. The time given for this post is 11:04 - as in the 11 lines of the Petek, the main part of which is the 4-dimention Shir Chadash of Na Nach Nachma Nachman - Pashut, Kaful, Meshulash, Meruba.

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