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Monday, December 22, 2008


Everyone knows, G-d didn't find a better vessel for blessing then peace. Too much light "ribouil or" shatters the vessel and so does strife. Conclusion: no blessings without peace.

Does anyone remember the poster of Saba in a fire for Lag b Omer?... Well folks, "mein feril", means my little fire not a bonfire (french: bon-feux)." STRANGE, who would suggest that SABA is BURNING in a Lag b Omer BLAZE?

The petek, is effective for people who are searching for G-d, but what about those who are SURE they are ON COURSE (o.f course, to wherever and as fast as they can...)?


Saba said of those who would speak badly about any of his talmidey chachamim that 1000 scorpions with 1000 darts each with 1000 poison and so on and so on (approx.) were all eagerly awaiting for them. This is because attacks on any Na Nach is so bad that it has the power to "sabotage" the work of the Tzaddik Ha Dor.

The "flat" 8 branch menorah was created under greco-roman influence and was turned from being the utlimate disgrace to being a symbole of national pride!

What did the original menorah look like?
Why is the lag b omer fire the symbol of Lag b Omer?
What does this have to do with peace (shalom)?
If this is a national issue and not a religious one, is the Magen David a secular replacement symbol or simply just another "Israeli/Jewish" symbol?

Lag b Omer and the Petek are related because the Petek brings peace and Tikkun ha Bris!
Josef was 17 when he was sent to Egypt, it took 17 years before he met Pharoe, Jacob lived with his son 17 years before his tomb was brought to Hevron. The petek has 17 written once on it and youd zein written twiceon it, additionaly it has 51 words, 10 lines separated in the middle by a7 letter word, the note is 10 by 7 in size. Lag b Omer is 7 weeks of seven days plus one,but divided by three you get 17! The torah of Moshe is given on the 50th day and the 51st? mabe the torah of rabbi Nachman, the petek! Rabbi Nachman unlike Josef had 10 tikkunim of the bris not 10 pgamim! AND he reached his level by his own merit, NOT BY HIS FATHERS' or his grandfathers' merits. Three time 17 is a hazaka- Tovia incidentally is the Brit Mila name of Moshe who was described as tov three times in the verses relating to his birth. (yet another remez that he is Josef/petek/omer)...

I must interrupt this post- but I will finish and answer the questions as soon as possible!

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