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Monday, December 15, 2008

Read and Compare!

Story 1: There was once a boy out in the forest all alone. A wolf began to stalk him. The boy sensed the presence of the wolf and was filled with dread. The boy grabbed a stick and warded off the wolf until the wold finally gave up and left.
Story 2: There was once a guy sitting in his house all alone, sitting idle without motivation neither for prayer nor for study, nor for that matter to anything but to relax. His evil inclination began to creep up in his thoughts. The guy realized that he was under siege of powers greater than him, and wondered how he would be able to hold out. So the guy begin to speak to his Lord thanking Him for all the things He had done for him especially for the opportunity to do all the good things that he had managed to do that day, and especially the little things, and then he began to sing some beautiful melodies to his G-d the One G-d occasionally entering very joyous moods he would begin to clap and dance, and when he tired he would resume singing while sitting. Eventually the evil inclination couldn't take the abuse and forsook his quarry.

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Anonymous said...

sounds very simmilar